Beauty Secrets from my Mother

In honor of Mother’s Day… you know, coming up in May, …. I thought I would share some of the beauty secrets my sister and I learned from our mother.  Please get your pen and notepads, girls.  This is highly important information.

1.  If you don’t have time to put all your make-up on before leaving the house, wear sunglasses and lipstick.

2.  If you spray a drip of hairspray on your finger tip and run it over your eyebrows, they stay in place all day long.

3.  Eyebrow pencils cover scars.

4.  Everyone looks better with curls around their face.

5.  Always imagine the clothes you’re trying on in a fitting room with three pair of control top nylons underneath them.

6.  Don’t wear white shoes between Labor Day and Easter Sunday.

7.  Only wear three accessories in one color at a time.

8.  Shoes and purse must match.

9.  Jeans are not for church.

10.  Eat fruit.  It’s nice.

There you have it.  Beauty secrets to live by.  Christy, did I forget anything?

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9 Responses to “Beauty Secrets from my Mother”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    I don’t get #3 at all. Aren’t eyebrow pencils dark?

  2. Jill Says:

    Those are great tips but, I have an update for Grace…..

    For #5: There is the new “Spanx” – nothing is popping out of these puppies! And it’s only one layer! Try ’em!!

    For #8: “What NOT to Wear” (the new show on TV that tells an unexpecting victim what she should and shouldn’t wear.) says that the purse and shoes do NOT have to match. But they do both need to blend with the outfit.

    There’s the new info for the 20th century. :)

  3. rixgal Says:

    Eyebrow pencils cover scars IN YOUR EYEBROWS. Yeah, that wouldn’t look real good on facial scars.

    I’m all up with What Not To Wear. And I’ve not been matching my purse and shoes for years…. just don’t tell my mother.

  4. Jill Says:

    Your secret is safe with me!

  5. Grace Says:

    Wellllllllll —–Here’s what Mom has to say “I MAY have said some of these things 15 or maybe 20 years ago. I have updated a few things – even squeezing into that one-piece thingamajig that was supposed to make me a size 2. It wasn’t worth it. Sorry Jill – I tried! I know all about your slipping off the bandwagon, Linda and not wearing the matchy, matchy things. I still love you. Mom

  6. Jill Says:

    Grace, you are so funny.

  7. Christy Butcher Says:

    You forgot “Don’t wear horizontal stripes!!!”

  8. conniewoman Says:

    Sorry…I wear Jeans to church almost every Sunday…I am such a Heath-en…but then again I have never been known for a fashions plate…my Mom is ALWAYS put together and it just did not rub off on me…I want comfort at the expense of beauty. At least I am low maintenance.

    Jill – We are in the 21st Century…but I knew what you meant… :)

  9. Jill Says:

    …yeah…..yeah……. that’s what I meant. :)

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