Weather Report from AZ

We were getting a bit concerned here in Phoenix last week when the Spring Break temperatures passed 90*F.  Yikes.  Those are not March numbers!  I tried not to think ahead to the summer of sweltering days and stuffy nights.  All five of us got sunburned in one area or another while fishing at the river.  We all put on sunscreen… but obviously not very effectively. I have distinct red triangles on the tops of my feet.  Larisa was wearing water shoes, so she is only burnt in little circles around her ankles.  Keeve put on sunscreen and then changed shirts to one with a larger neck hole… so he has a crimson necklace.  Austin’s shoulders and neck got kissed by the sun.  And I’m not sure Rick ever used sunscreen, but his skin tans so quickly, he never turned red… before the lovely bronze color emerged.


Good news appeared outside this morning on our thermometer… 55*F… oh, thank you, Jesus.  It’s actually chilly in our house.  While I read to the boys, one curled up in a blanket and the other went and changed from shorts to pants.  Yes, it’s sunny, and yes, summer is still going to burn our bare feet, but for today… it’s a lovely March crisp day outside.  It’s 1:00 now and we’ve only made it to 65*F.  Perfect outside activity weather.  LOVE THIS!

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8 Responses to “Weather Report from AZ”

  1. Jill Says:

    You need to get flip-flops with narrower straps!
    Then you can burn MORE of your feet. :)

  2. Gramp and Gram R. Says:

    In years past – when the kids were still home, we tent camped now and then.
    We also went on a backpack hike in the Olympic Mountains – carrying a 30 pound backpack No thanks, I (Gram) had a rodent run over my face during the night. Now, give me a motel. The Olympics are in Wa.

    I have a confession to make. We ate lunch at Costco today before doing the shopping. We each ate a half of a churro. Sure tasted great.

    Gram & Gramps

  3. rixgal Says:

    The rodent would have been my last time camping as well. Eeewww.

    And those churros are good, aren’t they? I won’t tell.

  4. morethananelectrician Says:

    That photo would be a good reason to cover your feet.

  5. rixgal Says:

    I thought of you MTAE, when I put it on. hahahahahahaha

  6. LaVonna Says:

    Sad but it is true, I turned on the heat to warm the house.

  7. Christy Butcher Says:

    55? Whatever.

  8. Jill Says:

    Hey – I didn’t know big toes could “wrinkle”…… how old are you going to be in 14 days??!

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