Just Another Day in Paradise

All was going well until 3:30 today.  Rick came screaming in from work (not yelling… in a hurry) because he and the kids had to be out the door for two different hockey games in a big hurry.  He also is having issues with a swollen uvula again. (look it up)  So he did see the doc today, but didn’t have time to pick up the drugs. I was planning on working on my book from 3:30 to midnight without interruptions.  (EIGHT days and counting) BUT I decided to be the nice wife (instead of the crabby wife) and told him I’d pick up his drugs.  Off I go at 3:30.  Alas, the druggist is having the day from the hot place and I cannot pick up the drugs for 90 minutes.  I figured it would be a nice break from writing at 7:00 or so. 

I arrived back home to a phone call from Rick who just arrived in Chandler (an hour away) for Austin’s hockey tournament game….. but realized Aus never put his equipment in the van.  Will I drive it to Chandler?  I no longer felt like the nice wife.  I loaded the equipment and even got two sticks in the trunk of Rick’s car without breaking them.  As I was getting on the highway, I noticed a yellow light shaped like a gas pump lit up on the dash.  GREAT!  No gas.  I pulled off at Costco, because they’re gas is cheap (price and quality, as Jason has informed me).  That done, I go to get back on the highway.  The on-ramp is closed.  I sit through two very long lights waiting to get on the highway.

It is now 5:20 and even though I was driving Rick’s car with the “fast lane” license plate, the fast lane was slow like the rest.  It took me 65 minutes to get to the rink.  Grrrrrrrrrr.  OH!  I forgot to mention, that the driver’s seat just broke in the last few days!  So it is in a half reclined position.  The only way I can reach the steering wheel is to put my purse behind my lower back.  THEN the sand storm hit Phoenix.  These are the strongest gusts I’ve ever felt.  Sand blasting the car and poor visibility were not as nerve racking as the swaying toward the cars in the next lane. 

I did stop and get the drugs before getting home.  I also stopped at the Christian bookstore and picked up the last two books we needed for our lady’s Bible study.  And because I’m the nice friend (not the crabby friend) I dropped them off at the ladies’ houses because they were on my way.  I arrive home to let the dog out, but she is scared to death of the wind and won’t go outside to do her business.  Good grief.

Ok, it’s 8:50 p.m. and I am now going to start my 3:30 writing…. right after I go out to the wind tunnel and take down the other half of the Christmas lights that are beating the window behind my head.  I should’ve gone to the hockey games.  NONE of this would’ve happened.  Thank God he gave me a sense of humor.

4 Responses to “Just Another Day in Paradise”

  1. Gramp and Gram R. Says:

    Linda, I’m concerned about the mechanical condition of your vehicles. That’s why they had Flight Engineers on airplanes in the past. Now computers keep track of most everything. Even newer cars are computerized to announce maintenence problems. Should you be updating? (Spoken by and “old” flight engineer of course.)

  2. rixgal Says:

    Believe me when I say I am also concerned about Rick’s car. (My van is just fine.) BUT, the alternate fuel license plate that the car has saves him at least an hour of drive time every day. So no matter how bad the car gets, we keep fixing it. We have looked for other newer cars with the alternate fuel, but they are few and far between. This one does the job… just lamely at times. The seat is getting fixed today. (Of course it’s the day AFTER I had to drive it for 2+ hours.)

  3. Jill Says:

    lol….. oh, another good laugh at YOUR expense. Aaaaand…….. another great story for the book!! God knows what He’s doing. You’re a writer! You must have stories to write about.

  4. morethananelectrician Says:

    There is a good story in almost every exciting experience…

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