One Down, One to Go

Today is Keeve’s last hockey game of the season.  As you are well aware, if you’ve been reading my blog at all in the past 7 months, this has been the most challenging hockey season for me as the boys were at different rinks and Austin had three practices a week plus games.  Uggghhh.  Then we had the most disrespectful-needing-a-spanking parents on one of the teams. Double ugghhh.  Anyway, Keeve is done today and Austin only has two more weeks.  My dear-volunteer-coach husband’s anxiety level will be back to normal and we’ll have family dinner around the table once again.  Believe me when I say our vegetable intake will drastically improve.  This is always a happy season for me…. a bit more free time and not so much time in the car.  More family time without stinky uniforms on.  No more disgusting smell in the garage as three hockey bags full of putrid equipment will be zipped up until next season. AND we will be able to walk through the garage without taking our life in our hands. 

One down, one to go.  Whew.

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