I Love Four Year Olds

My brother and his family went to do a short missions trip to Mexico this weekend and we had their four year old for a sleep over last night.  He’s here entertaining us until they get home tonight.  He sat next to me in church this morning and asked the most insightful questions.  There was an illustrated sermon of The Last Supper where Jesus and the disciples came to life.  After it was all over and the curtain was closing, my nephew asked, “Why didn’t Jesus touch anyone?”  I said, “He did touch them.” (Jesus put his hands on the disciples’ shoulders and arms several times.)  He responded, “No he didn’t.  I watched.  He never touched anyone.”  Ok then.  I must need glasses.

Our church puts the Bible verses that are being read up on the big screen…. making us all lazy so we don’t bring our Bibles anymore.  Anyway, the verses read on this Palm Sunday were from Luke.  That is my nephew’s name and he saw it on the big screen.  Several times.  And pointed it out every single time a new verse came up.  Then a verse from Thessalonians came up and he asked, “Is that Keeve’s name?”  “No.”  In fact Thessalonians didn’t even make the top ten name list when we were naming Keeve.

He got a big red balloon in Sunday School and took it to church, but not before losing it to the wind…. down the flight of stairs…. twice.  I forgot how random pre-school aged kids can be.  He’s so cute.

This all made me realize just how relaxed parents get as their kids grow older.  After eating two sandwich size zip-lock bags of snacks and one fruit chews pack, Luke had to go to the bathroom.  So Uncle Rick took him out.  Rick told me later that he hadn’t been called on to wipe a bum in several years.  Oh, we’re all in for a change when Zaza gets home.  I’m going to have to be back on my game for sure.  Thankfully, smarty-pants Luke lives across the street for Zaza to play with.

4 Responses to “I Love Four Year Olds”

  1. Jill Says:

    Zaza will LOVE Luke!!

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    And Luke will LOVE Zaza!

  3. Whitney Says:

    I LOVE Luke too! <3

  4. Grace Says:

    And so do I !!!!! Grandma

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