Concussion cussion what’s your function?

Hookin’ up phrases and clauses and makin’ ’em run right.


Yes, that’s School House Rock Saturday morning cartoons coming back to haunt me… and now you too.  Well to sum up our hockey tournament trip to Anaheimin three easy words: concussion, beach, church.  Yes, Austin got slammed against the boards in the FIRST game of the tournament and got concussion #4.  Yes, FOUR.  Not good.  Blurry vision, tingling arms, intense headache, nausea… and a front row seat to watch the rest of the team finish the tournament without him.  (Coach Rick even took a stick to the nose and has wounds to prove it.) It was a supreme bummer for all of us.  We did hit Huntington Beach twice which seemed to calm all of our nerves.  And to top off Easter Sunday we visited Free Chapel in Irvine to hear awesome music by Adam Ranney and Israel Houghton (both former music pastors from our church) and preaching from Jentezen Franklin.  We had some CHURCH… which we severely needed after the head injury and downed spirits.

So, today we visited the doctor and he ran Austin through a battery of tests which were highly similar to a drunk driving test that I’ve seen on TV.  Anyway, there was no swelling, no signs of bleeding and Aus passed all the tests.  Thank God.  We learned all about concussions being rated in three levels.  It seems Austin’s have all been level two.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad…. but we were told that they are cumulative and it takes less and less of a hit to bring one on.  So…. Aus is out of contact sports for 5 months…. which corresponds exactly with the hockey season summer break.  I’m relieved at the news that he can still play, but will be very leery of every little hit from now on.


I have entertaining travel stories, as always, but they will wait for another blog.  GLAD to be home!!!!

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5 Responses to “Concussion cussion what’s your function?”

  1. Jill Says:

    That beach looks purdy ‘enuf to wash away anyones woes…………!!! :)

  2. morethananelectrician Says:

    Maybe he could find some kind of specialty helmet…if they make such a thing. I know football helmets have advanced a lot in the past five years. The technology has to have made it to hockey too?

  3. Jennie C. Says:

    Yaaay – welcome home!

    I’m getting a little worried about Mr. Concussion Head. Would more padding help? I have some batting that was donated.

  4. Gramp and Gram R. Says:

    Huntington Beach was our hangout when we first moved to Calif. Makes me homesick for good old Los Angeles. Yes, we enjoyed living there.
    So sorry to hear about the concussion. No fun.

  5. rixgal Says:

    Yes, helmet technology has made it to hockey and we’ve already invested in the ultra-gel-pack helmet that is the safest thing on the market. Maybe it did help, because Aus didn’t throw up this last time? I don’t know. I like the extra batting idea though…..

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