What’s UP?

In case you’re worried about me not having a thing to do now that my book is written and hockey is over…. I’m here to give you a mere glimpse into my current daily activities.  You’re welcome.  We are still schooling for 20 more days, but who’s counting? 

I am also diligently working on Coupon $en$e to keep our grocery bill (for 5 people, 1 dog and 8 fish) under $250 a month.  So far, so good.  Today I saved 67%!

I’m also already planning next year school topics for Larisa and the boys.  Just last night I was in Barnes & Noble examining Roman and Medieval Times literature.  Sadly I have not read ANY of the books on the list for History of the World 2.  What kind of edumacated person am I??? THAT is why I homeschool….. I’m learning all the things I missed the first time around…. which is sadly quite a bit.  (Don’t feel bad, Mom.  I LOVED high school and made lifelong friends that kept me out of trouble.)

Bags for Zaza is also keeping me busy in front of the sewing machine.  We are back in action making homemade purses to bring Zaza home.

AND today I’m scrapbooking for FIFTEEN hours straight!  Whooo HOooo.  I can’t believe I get to escape all day.  Don’t feel bad for me about the long hours.  I’ll make it and report back on my scrapping progress. 

Make it a great weekend!

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