My Favs


I drank grape kool aid today.  I forgot how much I love grape kool-ade.  Then I remembered I love grape Popsicles too.  Which led to this list of my favorite things:

Hot Tamales, strawberries, green corn tamales, Good N Plenty’s, sugar snap peas, salmon… only if it’s juicy, chicken pasta salad at Gooseberries, lemon berry slush, Lizard Lava,


shrimp puffs, Ling Ling pot stickers, diet Pepsi, PF Chang lettuce wraps… also found at PeiWei, single scoop of pistachio almond on a sugar cone, peas and carrots straight out of the garden, Shelly’s chicken tortilla soup,


avocados, Connie’s Texas caviar, Barbie’s chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, white chocolate almond bark, Suzi’s salsa, Mom’s Russian Kubliakah loaf, smokehouse almonds, Julie’s sweet potatoes, Brian’s version of Martha Stewart’s pancakes, Jennie’s lentil soup, dried apricots, Keeve’s berry smoothies and Jill’s little bacon cream puff things that she doesn’t make very often.

There you have it.  Back to the fridge for more grape kool-ade.


17 Responses to “My Favs”

  1. Jill Says:

    Phhew!! Made me nervous there — thinking after all these years I had never made anything that you REALLY liked. But I guess I don’t make it often enough…… :)

  2. rixgal Says:

    Jill, tomorrow is the last day of my birthday month……………….

  3. rixgal Says:

    I realize I forgot my sister….. she didn’t really cook until she moved away…. everything I’ve ever had at her house is yummy… just nothing came to mind. Sorry, Christy.

  4. Jennie C. Says:

    The lentil soup is good, but a favourite? Wow. Actually, your chinese chicken salad would make it on my favourite list.

  5. LaVonna Says:


  6. Gramp and Gram R. Says:

    Linda – Give me a plate full of fried oysters, and I do get them once in awhile at our faavorite waterfront seafood restaurant. Actually, I cannot think of a thing I don’t like. It frustrates me to no end to have to cook for a picky eater. I would rather take them out to dinner. Gram

  7. Grace Says:

    I’m with you Gram. I sure appreciate my husband who is SO easy to cook for. We are heading up to Washington next week and I always look forward to a yummy crab louis in a seafood restaurant up there. Grandma Grace

  8. Gramp and Gram R. Says:

    Grace – will you be as far north as Puyallup which is near Tacoma? We
    would love to meet you, and Hubby – whoever is coming. We have an extra bed and you would be very welcome to stay at our home. We will even go to the great seafood restaurant we like. Val & Stan

  9. Kristen Benson Says:

    I was at the furniture consignment store yesterday and found a life size Elvis for sale. Of course, I thought of you. Then I get on your site and see this post. I guess, really, Elvis is your husband’s favorite thing…but still, thought you would appreciate it.

  10. Kristen Benson Says:

    Okay, I read your post again and noticed all your fav listings were food. Elvis doesn’t fit but still…

  11. Christy Butcher Says:

    I was about to get offended, but you mentioned me – nothing I cooked that is your favorite, but whatever!! Anyway, you obviously forgot about my hot dogs covered in crescent rolls!! :)

  12. Jill Says:

    LOL good one, Christy. Or were you serious…….

  13. Ann Myrholm Says:

    Wow Linda, You are an author! Have you written other books? I want to be entered in on the draw!

  14. Grace Says:

    Val: That was sure a generous offer! We are staying at out daughter, Christy’s in Vancouver, Wash. We are travelling on up to Vancouver Island to see my sister for a couple of days. Perhaps we could meet for lunch on our way through. Grace

  15. rixgal Says:

    Hi Ann! I’ll put your name on the list for the draw. This was my first solo book. You can see the other ones I’ve contributed to at the website:
    My second book should be out in LATE 2009 summer. It’s Laughing in the midst of Marriage.


  16. Jill Says:

    She meant her next book will be out in “late” summer. Not LAST summer. I’m one of her editors. :)

    Love ya. Linda.

  17. rixgal Says:

    Thanks, Jill. Always got my back. ‘Preciate it, pardner.

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