Mother’s Day Contest!!!! {free}


In honor of mothers on Mother’s Day 2009, I decided to share the love and give away one of my books Laughing in the Midst of Mothering: Finding Joy in Being a Mom.  (A quicker title choice would have been MOM – JOY!)  All you need to do to enter is put your name in the comment section of this blog.  I’ll put them all in a hat and draw one on Monday.  My panel of qualified homeschooling judges will verify the security of the ballots and the non-biased choice of the winning ticket.

Laughing in the Midst of Mothering is a devotional for moms of all ages (and dads have found it amusing as well) and a compilation of stories that have actually occurred in my home.  If you think your children are interesting, wait ’til you read about mine.  If you need to verify the contents of the book as truly joy-bringing you can check it out at:,,, etc., or wherever fine books are sold on the net.

Mother’s Day is nine days away so here’s the deal.  I need mailing time, so the deadline for this thrilling contest is Monday, May 4, 2009 at 9:00 pm, AZ time.  (I think we are on Pacific time at the moment…. we never move our clocks down here in AZ.  The rest of you confuse me on this deal.)

If your name is not chosen and you think this is still a fabulous Mother’s Day gift, order one for your mom, your friends, your aunties and your neighbors. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to the most prune-ish face.  Again,  For a discount on mailing more than one book, please send me a note and I’ll hook you up.

Happy May Day!  And good luck!

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23 Responses to “Mother’s Day Contest!!!! {free}”

  1. Star Forbis Says:

    Sounds Great!
    Star Forbis

  2. Melissa Says:

    I do need a gift for my mom…I think she would love this!


  3. Jill Says:


    ok – so I’ve already bought a dozen…. big deal. I’m sure I haven’t sent one to every woman I know.

  4. Pam Says:

    I’d love to receive your book.

  5. Coral Siddell Says:

    I’ll spread the love of laughing if I win. :) Coral

  6. Kristen Benson Says:

    I never win contests but hey, since I am on your site and I love free things I am entering :o)

  7. Christy Butcher Says:

    Looks like a good book – I haven’t read it! Would love a free one!!!:)

  8. Kelly Says:

    I’d love to read your book :o)


  9. Ben Says:

    Put me in.

  10. rixgal Says:

    OK, obviously I didn’t make rules about entering more than once under aliases……..

  11. Lori Robertson Says:

    Would love to read your book!!!

  12. Rene Risner-Tourville Says:

    I would love a fresh read for my mom’s group. I have a couple of women that just don’t see the joy in mothering, and one in particular that really finds mothering binding. I would love to pass the book to her. Her name is Mia if you would like to put her on a prayer list.

  13. Karen Says:

    If it’s anything like the blog, it has to be wonderful!

  14. Alicia Ellis Says:

    Sounds Great!

  15. rixgal Says:

    Ann Myrholm is officially added to the list. (And this is her first time …. JILL!)

  16. Ben Says:


  17. Jill Says:

    I mean….. WHAT???!

  18. susan Says:

    i’m in baby, i’m in!

  19. Courtenay Says:

    Im in.Mom devos are great!

  20. Tena Middleton Says:

    Please submit my name for the draw. Thanks

  21. Miriam Says:

    Count me in!!!!

  22. Amanda V. Says:

    count me in!

  23. Venessa McCallie Says:

    I have nothing funny to type after staying up until two last night… but I’d love something funny to read!

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