Pain, despair and agony on me…



“Pain!” is not my favorite first thought in the morning, but it was my initial awakening thought this morning.  I must have bent my arm around too far and laid on it all night long.  Something was not right between my shoulder blade and my spine.  Thankfully, our chiropractor can get us in ASAP…. which unfortunately was six hours later due to my schedule.  As soon as I placed my face in the white-tissue paper hole, she had barely touched my back and relayed, “Yes, you have a rib out.”  No doubt, something’s up!  After a few minor adjustments I’m as good as new, just sore.  What did the pioneers to without chiropractors????

I did have a fun time spending some of my birthday money today.  I got a cute lime green/chocolate brown outfit last week and have been searching for just the right jewelry for several days now.  EUREKA!  I found it today… and it was 80% off.  Well, glory be.  If that is not a sign from on high, I don’t know what is.  I also found cute brown shoes in the juniors department…. makes me feel sassy wearing juniors shoes.  I wore them around the store for half an hour to verify correct fitting and non-pain causing straps.  Everything was on the up and up!  Now…. a purse…..

We did receive a letter from Bogota today, but I need to have it properly translated before I share.  Please stand by.  I think it’s good news.  :^}

3 Responses to “Pain, despair and agony on me…”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Standing by, anxiously awiating your letter translation. You know you could forward it to me…My foreign exchange student is Spanish :o)

  2. Kelly Says:

    Hey Linda. Do you have the lettter, or the agency? If you have it, I could really get it translated for you–easily. you can just scan/email it if you want.

  3. rixgal Says:

    Thanks, Kelly, I got ‘er done. I’ll keep you in mind though.

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