ICBF Letter Translation


OK, I still do not have the formal translation, but I did get the gist of the letter.  For those who are wondering what in the world I’m talking about, we received a letter yesterday from ICBF ( Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar ) in Bogota.  All of the adoptions in Colombia go through them… so mucho importante. 

They said that they received the addendum to our homestudy from our adoption agency, Gladney, but they need to hear directly from us that we want an older child.  That’s all fine and good.  I wrote it last night.  We signed it and faxed it off.  It was sent to Bogota this morning.  Nothing like computers to speed up the process!

Here’s the highly amusing part.  We have requested a little girl between the ages of 3-6.  The letter said we are approved for two brothers with the eldest being up to 8 years old.  WHAT?  I laughed.  Hard.  We already have brothers.  Been there, done that.  No thank you on the second time around.  Rick’s biggest fear is that we accept a referral, get down there and spend weeks with our daughter and then they spring siblings on us.  Makes me laugh.  MOST of the time, it doesn’t work like that.  (But I’ve read stories where it has…. even a twin!)

So we should have this cleared up quickly (that being Colombian time….. ) and have our official number on the 5-6 year old wait list soon. 

Wooo hOoooooOOooooo!  I feel like it’s FINALLY getting closer.

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One Response to “ICBF Letter Translation”

  1. Crick Says:

    That’s funny! I wonder if what they mean is two siblings, and used hermanos in the masculine form since one of the two could be a boy? Interesting though that you didn’t apply for two children. :) Who knows!

    We have been approved for a sibling group and are waiting for a referral – perhaps we will meet up in Colombia someday soon!

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