Laughing in the Midst of Myself

I think that will be the title of book #3 in the Laughing series.  Yesterday, yet another great story for a book, but no children or spouses were involved.

We must back up to last Tuesday to a phone call from my friend Jill.  She asked if I would be available Friday at 2:22 to pick up her eldest daughter from school… IF she could not arrive in time.  Seems her husband needed a medical procedure and the end time was not as definite as the beginning time for said procedure.  I checked the calendar and said “Sure!” 

OK, fast forward to yesterday when I had absolutely no memory of the phone call from Jill.  After finishing school with the boys, I suggested that we go see the new movie Earth.  I knew we had some movie passes, $1 refill cups and free popcorn t-shirts, so it was a $3 date…. me and my two young men.  Being the nice sister-in-law that I am, I called across the street to see if any nephews or a niece wanted to go along.  YES!  Seems two nephews were game and so was their going-shopping female family members.  1:30 was the departure time.

At about 12:30 I remembered Jill, her husband’s painful position and her daughter at school.  So, I called her cell and told her that I forgot but I would go pick up her daughter and cancel the movie date if she needed me.  She said that her daughter has waited up to an hour before, so she would be fine.  Reluctantly, I said ok and went on with movie plans.

At 1:00 I remembered that my dad also has a free popcorn t-shirt and their house is 5 minutes up the road.  Dad had called from Washington earlier in the morning to ask if I could take in his garbage can, and I’m on watering-the-flower-duty while mom and dad are gone.  (We all live in a neighborhood with ANAL home owner’s association nazis who like to deliver $25 fines for leaving your can out.)   ALSO, dad has a neighbor on vacation who called him to ask if my dad could take in HIS garbage can.  So that was added to my to-do list.    No big deal, right?  Wrong.

The movie theater is always freezing so I put on jeans and a warmer t-shirt than the tank I was wearing.  It was 101*F yesterday, but thankfully the a/c was blasting in the van…. along with Israel Houghton’s new Power of One cd.  Needless to say, I was rockin’ the van at loud decibels as I pulled in front of the vacationing neighbor’s house.  I jumped out of the van and put the trash receptacle behind the gate in 27 seconds.  But upon returning to the cold, loud, running van, I realized that I locked myself out.  Bummer, dude.  Thankfully, my cell phone was in the pocket of my WAY-too-hot jeans.  I phoned Rick to see if he was on his way home (doubtful at 1:00!) or if he could give me the number for AAA, my friends who come to rescue me often.  I really should tattoo their number on the sole of my foot for such a time as this!

Lo and behold, Reeko was looking for any excuse to leave his cube and came to my rescue…. only a 35 minutes drive.  Meanwhile, I found the vacationing person’s garden hose and began consuming large amounts of un-purified water, just like we did as kids.  Next I folded up the legs of my frying-me-alive jeans and started hosing my legs and feet.  There was a slight breeze that felt wonderful to wet legs.

OK, back to Jill.  I knew I wouldn’t make the movie at that point, so I called her back and left a message that I could indeed pick up her daughter at school.  Rick arrived before over-heating occurred for me or the van.  We both watered my mom’s flowers and then Jill called and yes, I should pick up her daughter.  So off I went, to be the nice friend that I promised I would be last Tuesday.

The moral of the story is: If at first you don’t have your keys, fry, fry again.


5 Responses to “Laughing in the Midst of Myself”

  1. Ben Says:

    What a loser friend, making her own daughter wait an hour for a ride home!! Geez……

  2. LaVonna Says:

    Alls well that ends well. :) Maybe we’ll order you a phone that has a direct connection to AAA that you can stick to your car….on the outside….lol. I’m happy to know ya’ll are doing well.

  3. Jill Says:

    Sorry that happened, friend. But am thankful that my daughter didn’t have to FRY waiting for me to get her. Don’tcha just love AZ?

    So how was “thrifty” Reeko about your car running for over 30 minutes with the A/C blasting?? I bet it make his skin crawl. :)

  4. Jenna Howard Says:

    As I think everyone has done in their lifetime, I used to duck tape and extra set of keys to the tailgate or rear bumper of my car. little did I know in HOT Texas weather (not nearly as bad as AZ) duck tape gets stick and very very heard to peel off. at that point of my story I had no AA for my car and was so mad I had locked myself out of the car I had a small tantrum trying to peel the now gooey and evil duct tape off. i got so mad i threw down the duct-taped wrapped key and didn’t watch where it bounced. I ended up frantically looking in under a few cars around my car and after soaking my pants in oil on the ground and slicing my hands crawling every where i had a very large man ask me why i was under his car. needless to say i broke down and will never EVER use ducktape again!
    thanks for the encouraging words! blessings- J

  5. rixgal Says:

    Jenna, That is hilarious. I love stupid-me stories. That brought a smile to my face. :o)

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