Four More Days (but who’s counting?)

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We are in the final stretch here at L.A.K.E. Academy, Crosby’s homeschool for exceptional children.  L.A.K.are the initials of our first three children…. (Larisa, Austin and Keeve) and our adopted daughter’s name better start with an E or it will throw off the whole acronym.  If not, oh well.  It would also fit right in with what we’ve got goin’ on with birthdays if her special day is in either August or December.  We already have Sep. , Oct. and Nov.  AND if she didn’t like pickles and loved Chinese Chicken Salad, she’s gonna be real happy here.  I probably should have put dance-off pictures into her Introduction Photo Album, so she knows what’s coming.  But that might be scary… pictures of people dancing always look strange.  No matter what her name, her likes/dislikes, her bday, WE CAN’T WAIT for her to get home.

Our family calendar is always stuffed to the gills with drama, church, hockey, scrapbooking, etc., but it is oddly blank this July and August.  School starts for Larisa on Aug. 20th, but other than that, we are WIDE open for traveling to Colombia!  My speaking trips don’t pick up again until mid-Sept. and Rick actually has enough holiday time saved for 5 weeks!  In my little mind, July and August would be PERFECT…. leaving Phoenix at the hottest time and spending time in much cooler Bogota.  Ahhhhh.  But, we will rejoice and be glad no matter God’s timing in bringing Zaza home.  Just hurry up, for Pete’s sake.  And our sake.

I pulled out the International Adoption book again to give myself a refresher on traveling.  It’s much easier the second time through as everything is highlighted.  This book has ALL the answers… and if not, it tells you where to look to find the answers.  There are several Colombian adoption stories told which make ours seem more visible somehow.  And my Colombian travel guide is my current bathroom reading book.  So much to know!

Blog buddy, Kelly, at found out their little GG (God’s Gift) is in Cali.  I’m thrilled for them.  They are also awaiting a referral, but have been assigned to a Casa Privada, private adoption home.  I would LOVE to know what region we will be going to.  There are so many unknowns at this point. 

Thankfully for Rick, I don’t know Zaza’s size or I would have filled the dresser and closet long ago.  I look at the frilly, little “birthday cake” dresses and have to refrain because we have no clue of Zaza’s size.  Oh, but when I find out…… look out!  I might even bring Grandma to help me shop!  And Larisa!  And Auntie Julie!  And cousin Whitney!  I found this darling little brown and pink bling bling t-shirt once and Larisa told me, “Don’t buy it mom.  If you do then Zaza will be chubby and it will be too small.”  So that is our family joke when we are in the girl’s department!  “Don’t!  She’ll be chubby!”  Not that it matters, but you know us…. code phrases for everything that throw us into fits of laughter.

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3 Responses to “Four More Days (but who’s counting?)”

  1. Jill Says:

    So buy the chubby size and she’ll wear it as a night shirt!! :)

  2. morethananelectrician Says:

    I see that you can do dishes and homeschool at the same time. :)

  3. Kelly Says:

    Praying for our referrals to come soon. I really wasn’t in a big rush, thinking we had 3 or more years to wait. Now that we are so close–WOW– waiting is hard!! How cool it would be to meet up in Bogota. We’ll see :o) God’s timing IS perfect.

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