HOW1 is Done!

The last Konos History of the World 1 class ended today (Ancient Civilizations through the founding of Rome, in case you’re wondering).  I’m happy and I’m sad.  I’m happy because it was nine grueling months of trying to stay ahead of three high schoolers.  Let’s just say, it was also my first time through Mesopotamia, Sumeria, the Promise Land and Greece.  I read more literature on the subject this year than the rest of my life all added up.  I’m so smart now… ask me anything about hoplites, mastabas, murex snails, and chitons.  Then again, as any good teacher would say, “Look it up.”  I never could figure that out… if you don’t know how to spell a word, how can you look it up????  Please!

I’m sad because I love this course and I’m not teaching the HOW2 class next year.  Our little Zaza will hopefully be here consuming large amounts of my time.  But I do love the Konos curriculum because it engages every style of learner, especially the hands-on type.  Our 10th grader will still be taking it, but not in a class setting, and we all know how consistency is improved with peer pressure!  Or student pressure as the case may be.

We will have our final gathering, Greek Night, on Saturday night and then after grading the final projects I’m officially done with school for three months… but like I said before, who’s counting??? (besides ME!)  This is always a joyous time for me as a homeschooling mom.  This wraps up our ninth year of teaching our kids at home… and I still L-O-V-E  it.  With the HOW1 course, this is the first year that I have felt somewhat successful when the year is over.  As homeschool moms, we know what we could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done better… after the fact.  But with teaching the HOW class with OTHER people’s kids, I really made sure we studied all the goodies.  Ahhhhhh.  I can already feel the load lightening.  Sweet relief.

And yes, I’ve started reading Quo Vadis already for next year.  You can never start reading that gigantic book too soon.

Oh, and please pray for Jessica Hulcy, the author of Konos.  She was in a car accident yesterday and has multiple injuries.  Thanks!

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2 Responses to “HOW1 is Done!”

  1. Stephanie Regier Says:

    Hello, my name is Stephanie. We;re currently on the chat group for VOL.3 States and Regions. I’m questioning the HOW, my son is ready for 9th grade except he is not strong in English skills. Good speller, good with creative ideas…but it’s like pulling teeth to get those thoughts on paper. we also have 5 other siblings, 8 and down. In your opinion would this be a good fit??

  2. rixgal Says:

    Hi Stephanie, You can make HOW work for every kid. There are many ways your son could do reports without writing. He could do it orally, or record it. I had my daughter do a play and video tape it. Also, the directions for the written assignments are very well explained, step by step. Maybe if he knew he old had to write a paper a month, there would less the teeth-pulling pain.

    As far as your time and all the other kids, HOW is fairly self-driven. You would need to plan with him at the beginning of each week and then check with him at the end. You could focus on the art projects, charts, graphs, maps, posters, time line, biographies, etc.

    An example: For studying the Persian naval wars with the Greeks, one of the choices for assignments was to draw the Aegean Sea, make little boats and explain the naval warfare and the directions the fleets followed.

    There is a HOW yahoo group as well, where you can always ask questions. :o)

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