Love is in the Air (over at my parent’s house)

This is how the story went down starting last Tuesday…. I was over at my parent’s home watering their flowers at 10:00 at night (because we all know plants are able to soak up so much more water without the blistering sunshine).  My mom and dad’s back yard has a nice sized covered patio then a cozy pool with a waterfall of large stones on the far side in front of the iron fence that looks out over a ravine of trees and cacti.  (whew) On that particular night, there was a STRANGE nature-made noise that was a cross between a cicada buzz and a whirling bird and it was SO LOUD that it hurt my ears.  I sprayed the hose over the fence to see if that would shut it up, but no, it simply moved over to avoid the onslaught.  I even called my kids to the backyard to hear the vibrating shrill melody…. and they were just as amazed as I was at the volume.

Last night I picked my parents up at the airport and transported them back to their noisy sanctuary.  And yes, the noise was still offending those who desired to sleep at night.  Mom and I went out to the patio to listen at close range.  It was even louder than Tuesday night.  Unbelievably loud.  I kept my fingers in my ears.  No joke.  THEN I saw something move on the waterfall boulders.  Creep me out.  I ran inside to grab a flashlight and now my dad was on his way to the patio too.  It was frogs!  Several frogs!  Calling to one another in sweet romantic interludes of joy.  I followed them with the flashlight as they swam around in the pool.  Man, they’re fast!  Dad scooped them with the net and sent them on a one-way flying trip into the ravine.  He flung about 3 or 4 of the slower ones.  The faster, trickier ones were hiding among the boulders of the waterfall.

Mom and I were enjoying the show from the patio when I glanced down to see two frogs right next to us who had obviously been playing leap frog, but the leaper didn’t make it all the way over and was stuck on top of the bottom frog  (insert candlelight and light jazz music here).  But did they enjoy a casual evening of love? No!  They got screaming women and a flashlight beam blinding them in the middle of their leap frog game.  I’ve never seen a little frog hold on so tight as the big, fat bottom frog was hopping around trying to avoid mom, me and the laser light show.  I could see his little skinny arms clinging firmly for his dear green life…. and I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.  Yes, they escaped unscathed under the cupboard where the pool chemicals are kept. 

Silence descended on the love oasis and the three of us returned inside.  Lo and behold, not ten minutes later the amorous signing started up again with a vengeance.  Unbelievable!  Mom and Dad needed earplugs in order to fall asleep.  See, love is in the air.

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6 Responses to “Love is in the Air (over at my parent’s house)”

  1. Grace Says:

    I was sure a story was building in your mind as we spot-lighted the frogs for Dad to catch. I wasn’t disappointed, my literary ( is that a word?) daughter. Nothing but excitement in our world!

  2. morethananelectrician Says:

    Evidently some frogs aren’t such good jumpers, huh?

  3. rixgal Says:

    Not Olympic hopefuls, for sure!

  4. Jennie C. Says:

    So cool. I’m very sad for the ones that got flung into the ravine. They probably went splat. I love frogs. My sisters and I would have got out the magnifying glass to investigate the details of their game of LEAPFROG. Yeah, we’re a bunch of weirdos.

  5. LaVonna Says:

    Gives new meaning to the game of Leap Frog, eh?…lol

  6. rixgal Says:

    There were still a few single frogs checking out the pool scene tonight at mom and dad’s love oasis.

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