Back to Reality

My husband, daughter and eldest son have been gone to California for three days of Disney and the beach.  They will be home tomorrow morning… REALLY early while I’m still sleeping.

Wanting to try the other side of the fence where the grass is supposed to be greener, I lived these three days like THEY usually do when I’m gone.  I didn’t clean a thing.  The dishes stacked up 8 or 9 high.  The groceries are still in the bags on the counter from shopping two days ago.  We ate ice cream for dinner…. and peanut butter straight from the jar.  (like cavemen)  The kitchen table has everything on it that has been there since they left, plus the new things that Keeve and I added.  And after this brief experiment…. I don’t get it.  Being lazy is no fun.  Why would anyone willingly leave the house to chaos?  What’s the purpose?  Tonight I stepped into their shoes again and cleaned everything until sweat ran down the sides of my head, just like when I was a little girl playing HARD!  It wasn’t fun.  It took a long time.  It’s still not done.  I still don’t get it.

I’m back to being a clean example for my family tomorrow.  I think I’ll have to swear Keeve to secrecy.  He was a trooper and dried dishes while I washed dishes…. from five days ago.  I think every pot and pan was dirty.  Gross.  I don’t get it.  Anyone?

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One Response to “Back to Reality”

  1. Angie S. Says:

    Hi there! I don’t get it either…coming from a clean freak, I can’t stand for any dishes to pile up or papers to accumulate on the table or anywhere else for that matter.
    By the way, thank you for visiting my site and leaving a comment. Your kind words are appreciated! I will be visiting yours now too :) I have always dreamed of publishing a book someday. I may just have to check out your devotional. It looks quite humorous.
    God bless! Angie :)

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