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My 15 year old daughter painted this watercolor a few weeks back.  I thought she did a great job, but I’m the mom, of course I do.  She admired this photo and explained that “she” was stepping up to kiss him.  I suggested that the pink shoes were holding the black shoes in place so she could push him down.  :o)  Not overprotective at all!  (We have given her a stack of her father’s business cards to hand to boys if they want to talk to her…. “Just call this number and ask my dad.” ….. hey, it’s an easy out for her, if need be!)

I’ve heard people say that the teenage years are a nightmare and parents need to “just get through” them.  We haven’t believed that for one moment.  These are the exciting years when we can actually have in-depth conversations and our kids are actually bringing up topics that cause us to search the Word for truth.  They can effectively run our entire household and still have time to jam on the electric guitar, paint watercolor pictures and play the Wii.

Teens are so capable at this age of accomplishing so much beyond what is expected of them.  Our daughter is working on a “secret” project at the moment.  She has been for more than two years.  It is truly remarkable, but I don’t have permission to blab the news yet.  Don’t worry, you’ll be the first to hear when I get the green light!  It makes my buttons burst to see my children striving for excellence without parental coercion.  The fact that she is thinking beyond herself and reaching out to others is honestly a grand blessing in our lives.  We are so thankful.  Thankful to the point of tears.

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I’m also extremely thankful that my children love each other.  Maybe all those times I made them sit on the couch and hug and kiss each other after arguing actually paid off.  You can’t hug your sibling long without giggling. 

For my kids, I’m THANKFUL!

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7 Responses to “Brag Book Time”

  1. Jill Says:

    Oh my goodness!! That is awesome, Larisa!! The artistic abilities that lye in the Nikander women are remarkable for sure….

  2. leanne Says:

    They are beautiful children! (Have I commented before? I’m not sure… I’m Leah’s sis in law.)

  3. Jennie C Says:

    That painting is fantastic.

  4. rixgal Says:

    Thanks Jilly and Jennie. I let Larisa know how impressed you are.

    Hi Leanne. I felt like we met on Wed. night at Team Silas. :o) Thanks for your wonderful comment…. I think they are beautiful too. (and my mom does too.)

  5. Grace Says:

    I have to say I’m thrilled to see Larisa doing such great art work. Linda’s right about me thinking my grandkids are beautiful too.!!!!!!!!

  6. tanya Says:

    First of all…WOW! You daughter is a talented artist. Second of all, you are so lucky to have a teenager that you get along so well with, and I know that you must be a cool mom (one that’s approachable and open) for that to happen. I’m the daughter of a cool mom and so I can say how lucky your daughter is to have you as a friends in addition to a mother.

  7. LaVonna Says:

    My teen is FANTASTIC and all the teens we know, ours included, are truly gifted, well-mannered, ambitious, talented, loving, compassionate, and just down-right great people. We think Larisa is quite awesome ourselves. Great job Mom

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