I’m Back in the BFZ Groove

I’ve envisioned a shabby chic denim and pink floral Bag for Zaza for many months.  I made the flap tonight.  So cute… if you like shabby chic and denim…. with cutesy heart buttons and yellow chenille rick-rack.  I also have a little girls size 2 denim skirt to make into a little princess’ bag for her treasures.  AND Darla, my friend who wants a denim bag, came over and picked out all the coordinating fabric for her bag…. last November, maybe December.  Anyway, I don’t have a blinkin’ thing to do these days, so I’m on a roll, baby.  AND I’m playing my “Learn Spanish in Your Car” CDs while I’m sewing.  Oh, I feel so productive even typing that….. now to remember the words in el español.

Tahoe 08 112

I didn’t comment much on our recent trip to Lake Tahoe, but there were, as per usual, entertaining stories that emerged.  My personal favorite came from garage saling, which we have continued the Saturday morning Tahoe tradition again this year.  Last year we came home to PHOENIX with such useful items as a snowboard, an orange butterfly quilt, a bee-bee gun, a $2 prom dress, a Beetles black wig, a purse shaped like a Chinese take-out box, butterfly sheets and a 1920 Singer sewing machine (minus the most important part to make it work).  I rolled my eyes as most of those purchases were made.  THIS year there was a higher level of eye rolling….. oh, Rick should be grounded from garage saling.  We came home with two pair of snowboarding boots (Rick and Larisa), an entry rug, a pink oriental little shirt (BFZ!), a green coat (Larisa), Vans tennis shoes, and Rick hit the jackpot:  a garage sale run by a sweet little widow who was selling her deceased husband’s clothing… ALL Rick’s sizes.  He got a really nice NEW pair of brown leather shoes.  No eye rolling there.  I kept pointing out other things to Rick like red plaid house slippers and white church shoes… with a matching belt.  He was satisfied with the brown shoes.

Anyway, Rick wore the shoes to church this morning and being the loving wife that I am, I pointed them out to one of his friends.  Of course I said they were a dead man’s shoes.  How could I pass that one up?

Back to the sewing machine y mis lecciones españolas. ¡Dios me ayuda!  (God, Help me!)

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4 Responses to “I’m Back in the BFZ Groove”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    I can’t believe he passed on the matching white shoes and belt. Was he not feeling well?

  2. Jill Says:

    Thanks for sharing another Tahoe picture. Ahhhhhhhhh………… I can feel the breeze…. smell the fresh air……

    You didn’t tell ME about the shoes yesterday!! You know I would of had a few choice words of my own to add to the dead man purchase. hahaha…. and I agree with Jennie. Maverick wasn’t himself to pass up the white shoe/belt combo. What a perfect Elvis accessory. Or is it that he already has a set?!

  3. rixgal Says:

    Well, Rick already has a tasteful white belt with grommet holes all over it, thanks to 70s night at Jill’s and my brother donating it to Rick’s Elvis attire collection. Rob actually was returning Rick’s purple polyester pants and he kindly left the white belt in the loops. How thoughtful.

  4. LaVonna Says:

    You will definitely need to take a photo when you can use the snowboard and shoes in PHOENIX, AZ…lol. Otherwise Rick is going to have to take Larisa up to Flagstaff to snowboard this winter…very fun! :)

    As for Rick’s Elvis collection, you never know what we might mail out to him. We are in the heart of Elvis country!

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