Shopping Success!!

I knew you would be excited to hear how my day has gone so far… and it’s only half over.  I took my son and his two cousins to VBS and had THREE whole hours by myself to shop.  On the shopping list was a singular item:  a bathroom scale.  It seems our current model checks to see what mood you’re in when you step on it.  It is seriously sinister.  If you look weepy and tired, it adds several pounds to see how you’ll handle it.  If you wake up well rested and peppy… no bags under your eyes… and you’re singing.. it subtracts at least five pounds to add to your joy.  I got on and off and on one morning and got two readings that were TEN pounds apart.  That’s when I decided to buy a new bathroom scale.  Rick said it was user error.  He almost got a scale upside the head, but I was in the middle of believing the lower of the two numbers and felt quite nice at the moment.

Back to shopping.  I descended on TJ Maxx and was immediately sucked into the purse section, but resisted (this time). My middle name should be CLEARANCE!  I am drawn to that section of the store like a bee to honey.   Next, glittery and blingy… the jewelry counter.  And yes, they have clearance jewelry.  Adorable clearance jewelry.  Just this morning as I was putting on my five-year-old swirly sterling silver earrings I decided I would love some new cooler ones.  Well, BINGO!  $8!  Sold!  Then I found two different sterling cross necklaces for awesome prices as well.  One a grad gift and one to take to Colombia.  (I realized AT the jewelry counter that we need to start gathering gifts for those precious women who are taking care of Zaza.)

Then off to the books/stationery/gift wrap section.  (I also figured out last night that before we leave for Colombia I should address all the Thank You cards to all who have lovingly helped us bring Zaza home.)  Can you say Clearance??  I found two boxes of 24 each, handmade rag paper cards with purple flower pieces in them.  Cool.  And $4 each.  Total bargain.  If you happen to be a recipient of one of these cards, know that the original retail price was $24.  You are worth the $24! 

Off to the children’s department.  There has been much talk lately on the Colombian adoption groups about the children being smaller than us North American behemoths.  I know Zaza will be 5 or 6 and could possibly be approaching a birthday (6 or 7!)  so I was on the lookout for size 4-5 items.  Jackpot in the underwear clearance bin!  Pink Polo panties for pennies!  And then right next door was Sketcher glittery sockies with the favorite red tag. I save Rick SOOO much moo-la.

Then it was 11:30 and I had to head back to the church to get the boys.  You guessed right…. without a bathroom scale.

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3 Responses to “Shopping Success!!”

  1. rixgal Says:

    RICK HERE…OK, with regards to the scale…it is definately USER error! I get on it everyday, on a daily basis, every 24 hours…and I get on it at least 2 times just to make sure that the number is right. It is always within a pound or two! I do know that if you move your feet a little, that it will give an inaccurate reading…so I don’t jiggle my feet or wiggle my toes! But my wife must! Either that or her equilibrium is way off! So do we need a new scale??? I think NOT!!!

  2. Jill Says:

    LOL ……… You two are WAY funny. I would think the tempermental scale would add a little excitement to your day. It would encourage you to wake up happy and singing each day!
    Can’t wait to get one of those rag paper cards. Oh… do I get one??!

  3. rixgal Says:

    OK, just to set the record straight, yesterday Rick got on the scale THREE times in succession and got TWO different numbers more than a pound apart. We ARE buying a new scale.

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