My Husband’s Cell Phone Photos

I’m not sure why it just happened.  I’m not sure how it happened.  I’m not even sure what happened.  But four years worth of pictures from my husband’s cell phone just appeared in our computer’s picture file.  It was an entertaining trip for me down memory lane.  A guy’s cell phone pictures really tell the heart of the man like no other.  Please try and stick it out to the end….  a photo montage of Rick’s most important moments, captured on his cell phone!  (Feel the excitement!)

First up, the plane he flies.  (You are being spared from the 47 pictures of clouds and props and other planes.)  Twin engine Turbo Commander.  “The belly dragger”.

Rick's Cell phone pics 015

Our youngest son in a pot.  (This is OLD… probably four years old. I haven’t shaved his head in years.)

Rick's Cell phone pics 037

Me on the phone.  I don’t know who added the words… I doubt it was Rick.

Rick's Cell phone pics 026

Ok, had to put one landing strip on here to represent all the others…..  I have no idea where this is.  And shouldn’t he be holding the yoke with both hands???

Rick's Cell phone pics 073

Rick’s mum at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia.  Cool Picture!

Rick's Cell phone pics 122

A field of wild sunflowers.  (See!  He is a romantic at heart!)

Rick's Cell phone pics 174

At a Capitals vs. Coyotes game.  Alexander Ovechkin leaving the ice… Keeve is the brown headed kid on the left side.  He got to TOUCH Ovie!

Rick's Cell phone pics 189

And of course, Sidney Crosby holding up Lord Stanley’s cup in June…. the youngest captain in the history of the NHL to win the cup.  Made Rick proud…  obviously… he took a picture of the TV with his cell phone!

Rick's Cell phone pics 230

Rick’s favorite place.. on Earth, I think.  Lake Tahoe.  There were MANY pictures of the lake! 

Rick's Cell phone pics 275

And lastly, our three darling children in amongst the lupine at Lake Tahoe.  There were probably 10 of these… and THIS really is the best one.  Simultaneous smiles without squinty eyes are hard to come by with these three.

Rick's Cell phone pics 272

There you have it, folks.  Out of 293 pictures, these pretty well sum it up.  The life of a pilot, hockey playing/coaching, husband and dad.  In less than ten minutes too!  Not bad.

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7 Responses to “My Husband’s Cell Phone Photos”

  1. rixgal Says:

    Rick here…runway 21 is at Sedona, AZ. It is on a mesa that drops about 800-1000 feet on both ends of the runway…a really cool airport to land at! And I am sitting right seat in this pic, so it is completely safe! Yes, Lake Tahoe is my favorite place on earth!!!

  2. rixgal Says:

    Linda here….Thanks for clearing all that up, Hon. Now people won’t be spending their days wondering where runway two-one is. You’re so thoughtful.

  3. Jennie C. Says:

    Jen here … I seriously need to give you a photo editing crash course. Those squishy pictures are avoidable (although I prefer that any picture with me in it is squishy).

    Love the Uncle Rickey photo montage – great post.

  4. Gramp and Gram R. Says:

    Hey, I’m anxiously awaiting all 47 of the planes, clouds, and props pictures. And I could send a few hundred of my own.

    P.S. Did Rick ever read the story of the woman stuck on the airplane “John” that I sent you? At least that won’t happen in Rick’s belly dragging Turbo Commander.

  5. Angie S. Says:

    So funny! I bet it was a trip down memory lane indeed. As a photography lover, I sometimes just sit and look through old digital photos, so I’d be thrilled if this happened to me. Your kids are adorable! Blessings! Angie :)

  6. rixgal Says:

    Jen, the pictures look just fine on my computer. Maybe you just need to get an older model… then the pictures will look fine.

    Gramps! Sorry, you’ll have to come for a visit to see the planes, clouds and runways. One blog was enough for me. AND! I forgot about the story. I saved it on my email. I’ll go read it to him right now. Sorry!

    Hi Angie!

  7. George Yotov Says:

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