Sixteen Months Later…..

Any of you still around on MSJ from Feb. 2008??? Remember the magazine inspiration picture that drew me to the purple paint for the wooden, curvy canopy bed? Well, I FINALLY found bedding today! It’s been a long search, let me tell you! I did not envision lime green until today, in TJ Maxx, with birthday girl, Ginny. We found the adorable lime green cotton bedspread with white polka dots and she threw a purple blanket next to it. I fell in love. Ok, the pictures look skimpy without the other pillows (that I have yet to find) and nothing on the walls yet, but you get the idea.  I found the little “cup hanger” dealie last night.  The knobs are little dresses on hangers!  Too cute.  I’ve had the butterfly shelf for a while too.  I’m waiting until I have all the wall decorations before I put any up.

Zaza's bedding 001

See?  It needs some more fluff on there, but isn’t the color adorable???  And I still need to iron it, but we need to get Keeve out of there before I make it all nice.  It has stitching in circles all over it and a scalloped edge

Zaza's bedding 002

And I still need to find a white bed ruffle to cover the trundle bed.  Isn’t the butterfly rug darling?!  And I found that lime green frame today too, on clearance, of course.  I’m not sure what picture to put in there????

Zaza's bedding 003

My mom and I found that perfect little bedside table at an antique store several months ago…. half off the already good price!  It needs to be sanded and re-painted.  However, it is 115 degrees outside today, and I don’t plan on sanding in the house (unless I get desperate!)  I would love to find some darling butterfly knobs for it.  I remember seeing some at Target.

I hope Zaza will love her room!  So much love and prayers have been offered up in there for over two years!  Come home, sweet girl!

6 Responses to “Sixteen Months Later…..”

  1. Kelly Says:

    This is absolutely adorable!!! When our foreign exchange student came I did her room in similar colors. The walls were pale green, but the bedding had purple/white/blue/green. It’s Super Cute!! You & I have very similar taste :) I haven’t put G.G’s room together yet because a friend of ours is giving us a crib, that is still in use for the moment. As soon as we get it I’ll be able to start looking for stuff, plus I’m not sure if we’ll need a crib or toddler bed? We’ll see…

    Praying for referrals soon :)

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    Yes, I’m still around on MSJ from Feb. 2008??? Where else would I be?

    The bedroom is adorable.

  3. conniewoman Says:

    I Love Lime Green and Purple together…and I will double check later, but I think I have a neck roll pillow that matches the lamp…I can prob hook you up with the drawer pulls too, as we are replacing Rebecca’s who went from the floral pink, blue, green pruple, to green and pink polka dots (handed down from Jess) so the floral lady bug butterfliy ones are going to be switched out…sounds like another score! I will try to send pics of other “maybe’s” via facebook. It is also hard to tell from the pics because they are strangely elongated…it made you and rick look FANTASTIC in the pic in your parkas…so tall and skinny

  4. Michele Says:

    and no more cheerios!!

  5. Jennie C. Says:

    “It is also hard to tell from the pics because they are strangely elongated”

    HA! I’m not the only one.

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