Help is on the Way!

Today at church we spoke with a family who just returned from Bogota on Thursday, not for adoption though.  All her family still live there AND she offered a nephew to help us when we get there!  SCORE!  Also the kind lady said that she would be glad to come over and narrate a video of our home that we plan to show to Zaza once we arrive.  I told her I’d call when the house is clean…… yikes!  I’ve read that watchinig the video over and over REALLY helps the child adjust to their new home when they know what to expect.  The book I read suggested starting from driving up to the house and entering the front door.  Then going room by room and pointing out different things in each room.  Another family that made a video said that upon their return home, their new daughter ran straight to her room to “get at the Barbies!”  So adorable. 

Zaza’s Barbies are in a box in the garage and in a drawer in her dresser……  a doll house is definitely needed. I asked my 12 year old son if he would build a doll house when he finishes his summer program (next week!) and he said he would!  I just need to locate a plan online for him to follow.  He’s a whiz with all his power tools.

I also did the travel immunization calls this last week.  OK, I’m not real good with getting needles.  Even that picture makes me cringe.  Everywhere I called it was $165 for the five of us to get in the door and then from $30 up per shot… and we need ELEVEN.  So, for those as great with math as I am, I used the calculator and that’s $495+.  So before completely freaking out, I called our health insurance and found two “approved” shot places that only charge our $10 deductible for each person.   Period.   Thank you, Jesus!

I’m thanking God every day for providing what we need when we need it.

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One Response to “Help is on the Way!”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    Wow – just a bit of a difference between $495+ and $50. Of course, I was estimating how many bags that converts to. :)

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