Women Don’t Sweat

It’s true.  We glisten.  We perspire.  We sparkle.  But we don’t sweat.

Well, I broke all the rules yesterday.  It was a mere 117 degrees and the fan stopped working for the dash air conditioning.  Ca-put.  The a/c in the back worked, but not well enough at 117 to keep the people in the front of the van cool.  Or even moderately comfortable.  It was a 20 minute drive to the mechanic.  Not fun.  A few people saw me sweat.  Even the fronts of my shins were glistening.  Ewwww.

Today the mechanic called and said the fan is working fine and he didn’t do anything to it.  It was not working fine yesterday.  In fact it made a loud thudding noise before it stopped blowing freezing air on my face.  I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I do know how to work my air conditioning… HELLO!  We live in Phoenix…. across the street from hell.  It’s hot here.

So we picked up the van tonight and since the sun was down and it was actually below 100 degrees, OF COURSE, the fan worked.  Yes, it was free of charge because the mechanic didn’t fix anything.  But am I going to be happy with him next time it’s 117 and the fan stops again?  NO!

Anyway, I’m happy the van is temporarily cool.  I pray we’re not transporting lots of people or traveling a long distance across the desert the next time the loud thudding occurs.

OH!  I’m so thankful for air conditioning.

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5 Responses to “Women Don’t Sweat”

  1. morethananelectrician Says:

    I wonder what the cavemen did when they were driving around?

  2. Ed Says:


  3. Jill Says:

    I have heard the rest of the story… and I feel for the guy who said it wasn’t broken….

  4. Jenna Howard Says:

    Your blog is always a joy to read. We glisten. We perspire. We sparkle. But we don’t sweat. hahahahaha i rolled laughing as i read this in 101 degrees with sweat dripping from my elbows but NOOO i don’t sweat i glisten. I perspire. I sparkle… take that air conditioning man who tells me that women look funny when they sweat! thanks again for your words of happiness and laughter!

  5. rixgal Says:

    Thanks for your encouraging words, Jenna!

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