It seems that Larisa brought something home from Mexico that we didn’t know about.  We spent today at the doctor’s office and the pharmacy.  We explained that we were in Mexico and that’s why we didn’t come in right away when her sore throat started.  I laughed when the doctor asked Larisa how much water she thought she drank snorkeling or swimming in the pool or ocean.  Uh, she did drywall.  There was no snorkeling, no swimming and no pool.  There was the ocean for 1.25 hours… but the water was at least 65 degrees and it was overcast and breezy.

Mexico 09 093

Today’s purchases were all about Larisa.  Remember being sick as a kid and your mom bought all the stuff that made you feel better?  I know it’s weird, but even after we were married, when I got sick I wanted pablum.  Yes, the baby cereal that looks like papier mache.  I’m over that now.  (Probably shouldn’t have admitted that.)  Anyway, today I bought chicken and stars soup, peaches and cream oatmeal, saltine crackers and chamomile tea.  There, she should be better by morning.

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One Response to “Antibiotics”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    I’m sick now, too – and really craving daal, an Indian lentil dish. Last night I had to make do with refried beans, but I’m having some daal right now.

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