It’s Over Now

I should be going to bed.  Day one of 2009-2010 homeschooling is over.  I can cross it off the calendar.  But I’m so stinkin’ excited about this new course I found for teaching the kids about worldviews.  It’s called Thinking Like a Christian and we’re starting tomorrow morning, right after the Wheaties.  It’s quite in-depth, but we are doing the watered down version so it’s understood by the almost-11 year old and easy enough not to be a time sponge for the almost-16 year old.  They all need the gist of it, but not the nitty gritty at this point.  I pray this will be a book that Larisa calls home from college and asks if she can borrow it. It’s designed for 5 days a week with homework for 12 weeks.  We’ll take the leisurely pace of three days a week without homework and see when we finish.

Back in the day, we were part of a group of fanatics that started a church in a teeny northern Canadian town.  I thought I knew all about my faith and beliefs until we came up against other people with different ideas.  Good Christian people…. I called home to ask questions, but there wasn’t a book for me to borrow then.  Our goal has always been for our children to be more prepared than we were when we left the house.  You are laughing right now, if you knew us then and know our children.  They are light-years ahead of where we were!  But STILL!  We hear horror stories of Christian kids having their “parent’s faith” be blown to bits upon entering university.  That doesn’t have to happen.

I’m back on my soapbox again.  THAT’S what the D6 conference is all about!  Being the parents that train their kids and don’t expect 37 minutes of Sunday School to do the job well.  Anyway, if you are wondering about the worldview deal, here’s the site:

Ok, I’ll go and lie in bed now and look at the ceiling and think about training our kids in righteousness for a few hours.

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