Child Training x 3

I have been reading several books about child training in the last few months.  I needed a refresher course on the basics.  Seems we’ve generally done ok, but missed a few areas that are crucial.  One such rule that we thought we covered, but obviously not….  is rudeness is not acceptable.  We almost made it, but we forgot a few details.

We had our youth pastor’s over for dinner a few nights ago.  We have known them for years, but have never invited them to our home.  Why not?  I’m not really sure.  Anyway, we were circled around the table participating in light banter and thoughtful questions when one of our seemingly well-trained sons jumped up from the table and ran to the bathroom. Fine.   The bathroom is in a really short hallway about 12 feet from the kitchen table.  As he arrives at the doorway, he turns around, slightly bent over, and scoots his little behind just inside the door for about three seconds.  Then he returns to the table.  Yes, he was obeying.  We have asked him not to make body-boy-noises in the presence of others.  We have specifically asked him to go to the bathroom to relieve pressure and gain comfort.  So he obeyed to the letter of the law.

Back at the table, the other son turned bright red in the face, which made me feel good that he knew better.  One outta two ain’t bad.  Yes, we all burst out laughing…. it was sort of involuntary.  Then I politely suggested that this next week we would be working on being discreet.  Sheesh!


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3 Responses to “Child Training x 3”

  1. Gramps and Gram Says:

    Perhaps the discreet requirement should be added as an amendment to the letters of the law.

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    My parents like to tell the story about them being in the bathroom together and me rushing in, letting one fly, and rushing out again. I had the whole house to myself, but I was being obedient. Not innovative … obedient.

  3. conniewoman Says:

    the only problem…and maybe it is only after the boys turn into men…is that the fragrance LINGERS in their pants as they waft it back into the room…so the politeness of using the bathroom is a good start, but seriously…are they built so different that they just can’t hold it? There are VERY rare occasions when there is need to relieve the pressure but every day, several times a day?

    Just a thought…maybe we should stick fabric dryer sheets in their underwear…

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