BUsy BuSy BusY

I trust you all had a happy Labor Day (Labour D’eh in Canada)… thinking back to being in labor with your children.  Fond memories.  Brings joy to my heart.  I’m glad the memories are getting foggier.  :o)

Well, if you read about my trip to the USCIS a few months back, you’ll be happy to know that the angel who works there, LaWauna, CAME THROUGH AGAIN!  Our fingerprints expire for our adoption petition through Homeland Security on Saturday.  Yes, this Saturday.  After some mailing trials, an un-accepted personal check, and sent-again money order, I knew we weren’t going to make the deadline before my scrapbooking retreat to the cool mountains on Thursday.  Yes, this Thursday.  (It was 102 today… and it’s Sept.  Bring on the cool mountain pines, baby!)  So I called the Angel and she hooked me up with appointments for tomorrow morning.  Whoooo HOoooooOOooooo!  She even emailed me the forms we have to bring in to verify our case number.  I’m so thrilled that there is at least one totally competent worker at USCIS who actually can get things done in the five minutes from when she hangs up the phone!  Amazing!

So, in case you think we’re lying around on lounge chairs by the pool tomorrow, we’re not.  Here’s the LIST for tomorrow:  piano lessons, Paint the wall beside Zaza’s bed (again), plant flowers (grandma is coming from Canada on Sat.),  Women’s Bible study, pack scrapbooking supplies, pack clothes and bedding for retreat, wipe tables to take to retreat, homeschooling, fridge cleaning and various other tasks that I will discover tomorrow…. oh, like spray all the little moths that moved into the back porch.

Taking care of business in a flash.  Elvis had something going there with that catch phrase.

2 Responses to “BUsy BuSy BusY”

  1. RIP Says:

    I think we can attribute most other things to Elvis in some way or another, but the phrase “Taking Care of Business” has to be attributed to the Canadian Rock band – BTO. It sounds like your “Taking care of business, every day, Taking care of business in every way…Taking care of business, and working overtime…. It has a great rock riff.

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    Poor moths :(

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