Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Mom’s birthday.  We had a lovely Labor Day bbq for her on Monday and we all chipped in and got a wii + fit for her.  She’s been having fun trying to do the lotus stance.  I’m not sure if she’s actually got it yet or not.  Anyway, thank you mom, for being a wonderful mom!  I hope you have a wonderful year with your wonderful family.  You have always treated us all so wonderfully and nice.  You make wonderful goodies for us and make our game nights wonderfully fun.  (This is what I wrote like before I was introduced to Roget’s Thesaurus.)  I hope you had a wonderful day with your facebook friends and all your real friends who phoned you!  You are much loved!

On a side note, I leave in the morning for a four day scrapbooking retreat!  Whoooo HOooooo.  So unless my husband sabotages my blog again, I won’t be back until Sunday night.  I’ll miss you, faithful readers.

We did get our fingerprints done today!  Whooopeeee!  We are now good for another 18 months.  I’m REALLY hoping we get some good adoption news by next week.  We will at least have the latest news, good or otherwise.

Have a great weekend! (I know I will!)

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Mommy!”

  1. Grace Says:

    Hi Honey: Just a note to thank you for the wonderfully written blog telling about my wonderful birthday with my wonderful family! Hope you get a much needed rest up in the cool pines, sitting on the wonderful porch. I’m thankful for such a wonderful daughter!

  2. Jill Says:

    That hurts that you say her facebook friends aren’t real. WE ARE REAL!!!! Man, I’m calling her next year….

  3. Grace Says:

    Hi Jill … thanks for being my real facebook friend! Love you.

  4. Angie S. Says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve stopped by your blog. I hope you’re doing well! I will be praying for you and the adoption. In Christ, Angie :)

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