Greetings from Bloomfield, NM

And THAT is why I haven’t posted this week… I’ve been gone… and busy.  I came to Bloomfield to speak at a Fashion Share put on by my friend Darla’s Mom’s church.  The day was a great success with ladies luncheoning on fabulous salads, rolls and cobblers, shopping for new-to-you clothes and listening to special music and speakers.  I was blessed to be included and loved meeting the ladies. FUN with a capital F.

This area is simply beautiful right now with the leaves changing to bright yellow and the air being crisp and clean.  I know it is nice at home in Phoenix too FINALLY, but not like THIS.  There was frost all over this morning.  Ah.  That’s it.  Just Ah.

The flight up here was highly entertaining as I sat next to Kenadee, the four year old who never stopped talking unless she was shoving peanuts in her mouth.  Thankfully she is darling and I enjoyed the interaction on the one hour flight.  (I may have had a different opinion on a much longer flight.) One morning here at her grandma’s house I was fixing some toast for her and her sister and she told me, “You’re just like a real mom!”  Wow!  I’ve made it!  A REAL mom. 

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that my mother just had knee replacement surgery 10 days ago. So we’ve also been busy helping up at her house cooking, replacing ice packs, pulling on support hose, etc. etc. etc.  Thankfully, my sister Christy flew in from Washington to help while I was here… and thankfully she’ll still be there for four days after I get home.  Sisters (who like each other) should not live three states apart. 

I look forward to getting home.  Two trips in three weeks was a bit much for me and our haphazard homeschooling this past month.  THAT is why we started two weeks earlier this year, so I wouldn’t feel guilty about leaving.  But it didn’t work.  We started two weeks earlier, but I still feel guilty about lame schooling.  It’s kind of like home schooling, only lamer.

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3 Responses to “Greetings from Bloomfield, NM”

  1. Gramps and Gram Says:

    Keep up the home schooling Linda, and no lameness is incurred because of a couple of delayed teaching days. Thanks for the update on your Mom. We enjoyed very much meeting your folks when they went through our little town of Puyallup. (Be sure you pronounce that city name correctly.)

  2. jessica Says:

    your blog came up when i googled homeschooling and bloomfield… i live outside of blanco and just started homeschooling my kids. do you know of any homeschooling social groups in our area? i would love to get some social activities going for my kids. thanks for any info you might have:) Jessica Elliss Mom of three

  3. rixgal Says:

    Hi Jessica! I am not familiar with support groups on NM… we live in AZ. But I do know some people at CAPE. Here is their website and I did see they have support groups listed under the Getting Started tab. You are headed in the right direction looking for a support group! They are a godsend for new and old homeschool moms!

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