14 Seconds of Important Information

Today was supposed to be the day I call our adoption case worker in Texas to find out what is happening with our adoption of our little Zaza.  At 9:00 am I instructed all three children to remind me at 11:00 to call Texas!  Bah!  I need to set the kitchen timer next time.  I called ten minutes late…. after frantically stopping my reading of Charlemagne and William the Conqueror, dropping the book and yelling, “What time is it?!” 

I got the Texan answering machine.  Shoot. 

Since the children were preoccupied making papier mache Medieval helmets and crowns in the backyard, I called the ortho for a consultation for Keeve.  The ortho receptionist is quite thorough in her appointment making procedures…. and while I was reciting every number, name and code word associated with our dental plan, my cell phone was ringing… and ringing… and yes, it was our case worker.  Shoot!  But the ortho consult is a go.

So again, while the children were coating their clothing, each other, the picnic table and one son’s black SLIPPERS (what in the world?) with floury/watery paste, I dialed the Texas number once more.  Nada.  I left message #2.

Working my way through my To-Do list, I put in another call for a class at our church.  While the kind lady was giving me ALL the information, my cell buzzed that there was a voice message.  I was beside myself with inquisitiveness, bailed on the kind church lady and told her we’d sign up online.  Click. 

Finally, NEWS.  Well, 14 seconds of adoption news that will affect our family for our entire lives….. (drum roll, please)… we have moved from #19 to #15 on the wait list.  Whooo HOoooo!  Progress!  What that means is: since Oct. 25th, ONLY FOUR kids from the 5-6 age group have gone home to their forever families!  ONLY FOUR!  Now before I totally hyperventilate and slam the keyboard keys right through the computer desk, we need to remember that the courts in Colombia close from Dec. 15 to Jan 15…. so it’s really four kids in two months time.  If ICBF stays at that rate (which is so unpredictable because of multiple variables…. but I digress) our name should hit the top of the list in seven months… AUGUST!  Oh, not that my timing or planning have anything AT ALL to do with this, but leaving Phoenix to pick up our Zaza for the month of August would be a dream come true! 

It’s time for me to break out the little tea party table and chair set that I have all primed to paint cutesy for Zaza’s room.  It has waited for months in the garage for news that we are #15.  Well, actually for any news….    Fifteen sounds so far away, but it means that 2010 is HER year!!!!  So excited.

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4 Responses to “14 Seconds of Important Information”

  1. Kelly Watson Says:

    So glad to hear your news. Our call is later today. I’m hoping for some news, too. Being at a private orphanage is supposed to be a shorter wait, but they don’t give you any idea where you are on there list. We’ll see. Praying 2010 for ZaZa & GG :)

  2. Kelly Watson Says:

    Hey Linda, We had our call yesterday. :) It was finally not a plan old “no new news” call. Beth said they had been talking w/the orphanage director where our dossier is & that in she said “The Watson’s are taken.” Beth assumes this to mean that they have matched us & we are waiting for IC B F to check all the paperowrk & approve the match. Unitl they get the paperwork back from IC B F they can not tell us anything, because the orphanage can’t tell Gladney anything. She said that process could take up to six months. She is thinking we should know something by August! How about that. We really could meet up in Colombia!

  3. rixgal Says:

    Kelly, that is pure torture!!!! Yes, you’ve been matched…. she is darling…. you’ll love her to pieces… we can’t tell you anything for six months! ARGH!!! Good news, noneheless! Yes, meeting up down there would be the icing on the cake for this whole long, drawn-out process! Blessings!

  4. Venessa McCallie Says:

    Rock on Linda! That’s awesome news!

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