Be Afraid…. be VERY Afraid!

For a mere $24.99 you too can have an authentic plastic knight’s helmet…. for……. um…. for….. Medieval Festival night!  OR, you can be a homeschool kid and make one out of cardboard, tinfoil, paper mache and spray paint…. for $1.99.

We spent the day yesterday wandering around a huge Renaissance Festival in Apache Junction.  I thought it a bit ironic that the “civilized” people of Europe chose the blood stained lands of the Apache to have their festival.  But I’m pretty sure I’m the only one of the 3,000 people who attended that had that thought.

There was much merrymaking and bowing, gnawing on turkey legs and riding human powered rides, viewing of the falconry show (with the most stubborn falcons I’ve ever seen…. not that I’ve seen many… but I anticipated a much more well behaved bird) and mummery.  The day was enjoyable and educational all wrapped into one.  There was a jousting tournament!

We all took our turns playing the psaltry.  I LOVED it!  It had such a sweet sound and was very easy to play.

The boy’s favorite was this boat ride…. a boat hung on ropes.  We could so make one of those for the backyard!  Their hands were bright red and they couldn’t open their fingers, but they begged to go again!

There were three lambs born THAT day!  This little lamb still had it umbilical cord attached.  It was so wobbly and cute!


The tree blossom made the air fragrant!

The glass blower was my personal favorite.  That is one job requiring patience!!!!

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One Response to “Be Afraid…. be VERY Afraid!”

  1. Donna Malus Says:

    Hi, I love Renaissance Faires also and I love the bowed psaltery. If you really liked it and would like to find out more information about it visit the Psaltery Strings Network, consider joining. There is lot’s of info about psalteries and lots of friendly people who can answer any questions you may have about the bowed psaltery.
    the network can be found at
    Be well!

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