Young Victoria

It was my last day to play with my baby sister who was in town for the scrapbooking retreat.  We went and saw the movie Young Victoria and I LOVED it!  It didn’t have the plot intrigue of Miss Potter, but the British accents were darling.  I’d like to check a few of the historical facts as well.  We just finished studying Kings and Queens, and although we didn’t spend a lot of time on Queen Victoria there were a few bumps in the movie for me.  Yes, I’m a closet history buff with very limited historical facts in my head… but I’m pretty sure the new sovereign holds the orb while sitting in the coronation chair.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.  What is the orb, you ask?  Well, when my boys reenacted the coronation, it was a tennis ball.  I’m pretty sure theirs is a little fancier… maybe even solid gold.  Not lime green and fuzzy.

Moving on, before you’re bored to death, the Scrapbooking Retreat was fabuloso!  Here are a few photos… yes, it snowed in AZ last week.  It was purely serene… taking me back to my carefree days (before children) living in northern Canada.

I have been planning my strategy for mucho amounts of scrapbooking for months.  Realizing that my scrapbooks are all events (like Christmas or a vacation) or a conglomeration of my favorite photos that have nothing to do with each other, I decided to do a Daily Life book for 2009.  I completed Jan – Nov.!!!!!  So a few more pages and the album is done.  No, it is not the fancy-shmancy kind of pages that I like to use to showcase every blinking blingy item in my scrap box.  They are functionally beautiful and the kids truly enjoy looking at them. Pictures of homeschooling and friends and piano lessons and spring break.  I should really take a few pictures of the pages and share, but I’m off to watch the Olympics at my parent’s house.  This is the only time I regret not having a TV.  But alas, we have family and friends who like to show off their big screens.  For their generosity and large TVs I’m thankful.

Conniejo, Chris, Michele and Christy

Moi and my Lake Tahoe page!

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