Quad Sandwiches, Fake Gold and Haircuts

The boys made their own lunches today for field trip day #3 this week.  I’ve never seen a quadruple turkey sandwich before.  Austin could open his mouth wide enough too.  I also didn’t realize that his hair is very Star Trekish.  Every blinkin’ person in this house needs a haircut.  Larisa and I go tomorrow…. the next time I catch the boys it will be their turn…. and Rick is bordering on a mullet.  SCARY!

We went to the AZ Natural History Museum today and can I just say that I was totally taken by surprise that my 13 and 11 year old boys panned for fake gold for an hour.  If wonders never cease.  And they knew it was fake!  Amazing.  I just never know what to expect.  On the way home we stopped at Toys R Us and the very same 13 year old bought a Lego toy…..  see why I’m confused here?  THIRTEEN!


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