Desert Beauty

Four years ago we were studying the flowers, plants, animals, landforms, etc. of the Sonoran Desert in which we live.  There was this great activity in our curriculum that explained how to make a desert plant terrarium, so I bought this little round cactus for the enclosed desert botanical garden.  That’s as far as we got with the activity.  Since then, it has been just that… a little round cactus on my kitchen window sill for four years.  Being a cactus, I only water it once a month by setting it in a pan of water for an hour or so.  Then, THIS year, it decided to show off.  This beautiful orange blossom opened a few days ago revealing the true beauty of the desert. WOW!  The flower is only an inch across and the cactus is not quite three inches tall.  Teeny.  Perfect for a little desert terrarium.

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3 Responses to “Desert Beauty”

  1. April Says:

    Thank you for this post! I bought what looks like the same type of cactus because my kids wanted one but I never have good luck with desert plants. I suspected that I overwatered them and don’t really know just HOW TO water cacti. (I know, I know: it shouldn’t be THAT difficult; it is a cactus after all, but still) Do you suggest putting just the bottom of the pot in a pan of water?

  2. rixgal Says:

    Hi April. Yes, I just set the bottom of the pot in a little saucer of water usually overnight. I probably water it once a month or every six weeks. It doesn’t neet much. Good luck!

  3. RedCat430 Says:

    So cute! And what beautiful color!

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