Where oh Where is Zaza?

Did you notice over there  ———————> on the Lilypie counter (that my husband thinks is lame) today is THREE years, THREE months and THREE weeks that we have been waiting for our little girl from Colombia.  That is sad!  She’s been alive this whole time too!  Our prayer is that she has been in a loving family all along, whether it be hers or a foster family. 

It’s hard to wait on both ends. But I think her wait has way more anxiousness tied to it.  Yes, we will then be a family of SIX! and will have a little one in our home again.  It’s been 6 years since a kindergartener lived here!  You forget a lot as parents in that time!  Yet we kind of have an idea of what to expect.  But for Zaza, she will be moving into her forever family, which is awesome!  But she is leaving everything she knows and loves…. her caretakers, her friends, her language, her food, her bed, her country, her clothes, her toys, even people who look like her.  Wow!  Imagine being moved far, far away with people you’ve only known for a month, who don’t really speak your language, and smell funny and want to hug you all the time, and cry when they’re happy, and try to feed you weird food and won’t let you out of their sight!  That would be terrifying for a 5-6 year old little girl.  She is a brave little girl.

Please say a prayer for Zaza today.  3 – 3 – 3!  Too long!

One Response to “Where oh Where is Zaza?”

  1. Kelly Watson Says:

    Praying for ZaZa & you, too. We are beginning to update our home study & our USCIS form expires in May, so I actually posted today about that. Remembering always that God’s got this all figured out :)

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