I’m the FOOL yet again

 april fools trick

In case you’re new here at MSJ, my family is world-renown for the rubber band on the kitchen sprayer on April Fool’s Day.  I got blasted again this morning…. you’d think I’d have learned by now.  Hardy har har!  I guess I’m a slow learner.  The boys laughed hysterically… one even rolled on the floor holding his belly.  THEN they asked me to make them a special breakfast of egg muffins!  The nerve.  Being the nice mom, not the revengeful mom, I made the egg muffins.  But when I set them on the kitchen table I mumbled, “I sure hope there’s no plastic pieces in these.”  They quickly dissected the breakfast bounty before biting.

Next, one son uses the bathroom near the kitchen.  He returns to the kitchen table, but both boys are smiling like the Cheshire cat.  A quick perusal of the commode revealed a ketchup packet folded in half under the toilet seat, awaiting a victim’s hiney.  Hardy har har.  I threw it away.  An hour later there was a Taco Bell packet folded in its place.  Hardy har har, again.

At that point, I explained that the fool would be cleaning up any mess that fool cleverly caused.

Then Rick called me from work and asked if I remembered a job he told me about in Michigan.  This was a premeditated April Fools joke in the making commencing over three weeks ago.  He talked of the position, pay, home prices, etc. etc.  I rolled my eyes at the thought of Michigan.  No offense to the fine people of Michigan.  And I know they’re fine…. I’ve met plenty of them down here in Arizona in the winter months.  He proceeded to tell me that they did a phone interview and he got the job.  Again, I said “Hardy har har!  I know it’s April Fool’s Day!”  He was a bit surprised at my sharpness just after nine in the morning.  I told him I was wearing a wet bra from the kitchen sprayer to help me remember what day it was.

I hope your day was dry and taco-sauce-on-your-bum-free!

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5 Responses to “I’m the FOOL yet again”

  1. The Robers Says:

    WOW! Your April 1st started off with all kinds of hi-jinx. Guess we’re a couple of old fudy-dudies. We were reminded of which day it was when I started to write a check for groceries and I pressed the button on my calculator watch for date verification.

  2. rixgal Says:

    It ended just after midnight as I pulled all the wadded up construction paper out of my pillow case! What FUN! :o|

  3. morethananelectrician Says:

    Last year, my wife dressed up the kids and sent them down the street to catch the bus…they were in shock. It was both a joke and a wake up call for them.

    The rubber band on the sprayer is a wonderful construction trick too during inspections.

  4. rixgal Says:

    MTAE, OH! I love the dressing up the homeschoolers! HAHAHAHAHA! So good…. I’m saving that for next year.

  5. tanya Says:

    My mother always pulled the sprayer trick (using black electrical tape on the black sprayer) on my dad because the first thing he always did walking in the door after work was go to the kitchen sink for a drink of water. We loved watching him dripping in his suit and tie. It didn’t even have to be April Fool’s for her to do it. Apparently in her younger days she used to turn the water in people’s toilet bowls into Jello too.
    Luckily my kids aren’t so clever yet, so I had to pretend to be panicking about being late because one of the clocks was turned forward an hour, and I had to get all excited about a piece of dead plant from the garden outside sprouting from one of the yet to sprout containers that the kids are trying to grow plants from seeds in.
    I did manage to freak out my poor nursing students by not showing up on time and then having one of the nurses go tell them that I called and was in a car accident and that they would have to care for their patients on their own until my boss (who totally intimidates all of them) shows up in a couple of hours to evaluate them for the day.
    I say next year, you plan ahead and totally get them all!

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