Calvinhobbes Friends

As I reflected on our calendar schedule for this weekend, I realized how blessed we are with friends!  It is a busy weekend for sure that began last night with a homeschool party for our 16-year-old daughter.  There were over 40 well-behaved teenagers having a blast together… playing basketball, listening to their own band play and sing… and just love hanging out together.  No drugs.  No swearing.  No sex.  No alcohol.  No scantily-clad girls.  Awesome!

Last night our 13-year-old son went to play paintball in the desert with the youth group guys from our previous church.  Shooting each other in amongst cactus!  It just doesn’t get any better than that for teenage boys.  Then he slept over at a friend’s house that we used to homeschool with a few years back.  They are the type of friends who don’t talk to each other for weeks and then when they hook up, it’s like no time has passed.  I would say bosom friends, but I don’t think boys are that bosom-ey.

Today we have a grad party for a friend of Larisa’s that she met through drama.  We have enjoyed watching this fine young man for several years in different plays with Larisa.  It is a true celebration of the success of homeschooling and Christian parenting.  I pray my sons turn out like him!

In the evening we will be attending our first Christian Bar Barakah as a pre-school friend of our 13-year-old son is blessed into manhood.  We have not yet participated in such a celebration, but are looking forward to this time with friends whom I met at a moms group over 10 years ago.

It has been highly reassuring to me time and time again that God has provided true friends for us in each phase of our lives.  Fellowship is so important to lift one another up and hold each other accountable.  We are truly blessed!

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