A Chicken in ROSS

Ross in Richmond Photo

After reading my sister-in-law and her sister’s blog, informalmatriarchs.com, I was reminded of a time when there was a chicken in ROSS.  You know the store…. brand names for less.  Yes, a CHICKEN!  I was in the store solo searching for a cool t-shirt for a 16-year-old young man.  (I guess they aren’t really a boy anymore at 16…)  I searched diligently… seriously diligently for about 20 minutes and finally decided on a cool gray T with a large silver cross on the front and scrolly designs all around it.  It was really cool.  Seriously cool.  Satisfied, I hung it on the handle of my cart and went to have a looksie in the women’s department.  It has escaped my memory what I was looking for over there, but I obviously found something worth trying on, because I know I ended up in the fitting rooms.  Upon my exit from the fitting rooms, the ultimately cool gray t-shirt with the silver cross and the scrolly designs was M.I.A.   Some deranged soul took it from my cart handle whilst it was unattended.  I inquired of the fitting room attendant, but she was no help at all. 

Now in my humble ROSS shopper opinion, this was breaking the ROSS code of ethics… stealing items from a cart that is obviously parked in front of the dressing room… belonging to someone else.  I was more than miffed.  I retraced my steps to the men’s t-shirt rack to see if it happened, by some strange coincidence, to reappear.  I knew it was the ONLY one like it because I had previously looked at every single t-shirt on that aisle.  To my dismay, it was not there.  THEN…. I happened to notice a 20-something guy and his girlfriend in the next row…. and he HAD MY SHIRT IN HIS HAND!  It was HIM!  He was a thief!  Someone call security!  There’s a robber in the men’s department by the cool t-shirt rack.

I’m usually a woman who speaks my mind with the greatest of ease, but for some strange passive-aggressive reason, I did not.  Believe me, many lines went through my steaming mind of appropriate and non-appropriate things that I could say to him and his thief-loving girlfriend.  But for some unknown reason I chickened out.  I let him get away with ROSS robbery.  I picked another shirt and went home… still steaming mad.  Why did I chicken out?  I’m not sure.  Mr. Thief’s girlfriend looked like she could probably take me, that may have been part of it.  But still.  It was not right….. but sometimes it’s OK to let people be wrong…. to not get beat up. Right?

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One Response to “A Chicken in ROSS”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    I’d rather have some chicken in sauce … maybe a pesto … or a mole.

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