?#23 from My Sister’s Jar – Best Friend

WOW!  It’s been a year since I answered a question from My Sister’s Jar.  This is how the whole blog got started!  A jar full of journaling questions.  The dust on the jar is embarrassing!  I noticed that I have two #21s… so here goes #23:

Who is your best friend? Tell about him or her.

That’s an easy one.  (Nice way to break back into the jar questions!  Not much deep thinking involved.)  RICK!  My Husband is my best friend and has been for 25 years this September.  Yesterday we celebrated our 23rd anniversary of weddedness in matrimonial bliss.  Rick took me away to a resort in Scottsdale to celebrate and we thoroughly relished time without children… lying on a hammock together (until the sprinklers came on!), strolling beside a lake, sitting on our balcony enjoying conversation and reading quality books. 

But that doesn’t tell you about HIM.  Rick is one of nicest people I know who always has a kind word to share with others whether he knows them or not.  He is an encourager.  He builds up all those around him: me, our children, our nieces and nephews, the hockey team of 13 & 14 year olds that he coaches, the neighbors, people in our home group… everyone who comes in contact with him.  It is truly a gift! I do not have this gift naturally… however I’ve been under his tutelage for 25 years and I’m slowly learning the art of encouragement!

My Rick is also a party animal… minus the booze and crude humor.  He LOVES to have a good time and laugh and play games and make others laugh and play practical jokes on others.  He loves to invite people over just to chat and catch up with friends.  And he secretly thrives on teaching them new games so he can beat their pants off!  It’s true.  He is the current champion of Ticket to Ride ~ North America… and it is staying that way for a while because we’re on a Rummoli kick at the moment.

Back to the practical jokes… he has played many on me through the years…. just see last April Fool’s Day post.  Some of his BEST pranks, I must admit, were with me by his side… laughing until we cried.  One of my favorites was on friends of his from jr. high days.  The husband had driven into a parking garage with the camper on his truck and pretty much destroyed it.  These friends lived eight hours away from us, but when we were visiting there after the accident… without them knowing we were in town…. Rick and I painted wooden signs and nailed them on their garage when they weren’t home.  Nicely painted signs that had a picture of a camper with the circle around it with the line through it…. and “No Campers”…. and “Low Ceiling Bone Head”… and “Low Clearance…DUH!”.  See… thoughtful things!  It took them over a year to figure out it was us!

Rick is compassionate and loving.  He is strong and opinionated. (Luckily I agree with most of his ideas!)  He is also a Christ follower and a concerned friend.  I wouldn’t trade him for all the tea in China…. besides, I don’t like tea.  Now if it was all the Aero Mint bars in Canada……    ……..   …… .nah.  Still wouldn’t trade him.

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3 Responses to “?#23 from My Sister’s Jar – Best Friend”

  1. rixgal Says:

    OK, my daughter just pointed out that it was ?#23 and it was our 23rd anniversary… it’s a sign!

  2. Stan and Val Rober Says:

    A little numbers mixup doesn’t matter. The years together as best friends and the anniversary numbers are what counts.

  3. Jennie C. Says:

    McDonalds has Aero Mint McFlurries right now. I thought of you.

    Uncle Wicky is truly a great guy!

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