Old Dog Learns New Tricks

Here we are at our friend’s, Bruce and Connie, house in California… playing the train game Ticket to Ride.  Obviously someone just did something naughty…. you can tell by the faces in this photo. I’ve been friends with these folks for over 30 years.  WOW!  We still try to get together every year for a vacation of games, movies, laughs and more games.
In March when we were dealt the unwanted hand of “no more hockey” for our 13-year-old hockey-loving son, we cried for two days and then went to Bruce and Connie’s house for a week.  We needed the friendship… the laughs… the games.. the distraction from the life we’ve known for eight years that ended abruptly… and the life we thought we would be living for another eight years at least. 
While we were freeloading at their home, I learned two valuable tidbits from my friend, Connie. 
#1.  If you put parchment paper on the baking sheets while you bake cookies it makes your life easier, tidier, quicker and your cookies look WAY better.  She’s probably known this trick for years, but kept it a BIG FAT secret until this past March.  It’s only been two months since that miraculous discovery and I’m already on my second box of parchment paper.  Totally awesome!
#2.  Women who are slowly losing their sight REALLY should invest in a 10X magnifying mirror for the sake of their eyebrows.  I asked Connie for a mirror and she handed me this little gem.  I took one glance and was horrified at the condition of my blind eyebrow tweezing ability.  I have since purchased a purple $3 10X magnifying mirror at Walmart and my life is forever changed. 
There you have it.  Old dog learns new tricks.  It is possible.  (Makes me wonder what else Connie has been holding out on me???)

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3 Responses to “Old Dog Learns New Tricks”

  1. connie Says:

    well, I will teach you something new each time you visit…just like you do for me…what, no tricks in garage sale chair finds and quilts?? That is the trick you taught me this trip…love you guys so much! p.s. Alton Brown is the bomb! and cookie scoops make for uniform cookies and they cook more precisely since the cookies are all the same size…there is another free tip!

  2. Jennie C. Says:

    Can you recycle the parchment paper after? I use it for cakes that MUST turn out of the pan, other than that, I’m too cheap/frugal/fiscally responsible.

  3. rixgal Says:

    I only use two sheets per batch of cookies, but they are crispy and brown by the time I’m done. So I don’t keep them.

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