Sweet Success at Store #6!

(Photo: www.TinkerVerve.wordpress.com)

When I got all inspired to make the soldered charm necklaces a few days back, I didn’t realize the task at hand locating the glass pieces.  I went online to Joann’s and found them quite quickly.  I missed the tiny letters at the top that read “Online Only”.  Bummer, dude.

So a-driving I went in search of little glass squares or rectangles, which ever popped up its little head first.  Can I just say that I know the merchandise in the Arrowhead JoAnn’s store better than most friendly folks who are employed there?  Really, they are nice, but they need to familiarize themselves with the goods!  I’m sure plenty of craft-minded women leave there hopeless and empty-handed…. when the store HAD what they were looking for. Today, the man who “assisted” me (term used lightly) took me to the kids craft aisle when I asked where the soldering irons were kept.  Usually soldering irons are not used for foamy crowns, pompoms and pipe cleaners, last time I checked.  As he was looking purposeful heading to another section, I spotted the soldering irons in a row we were passing…. {sigh}.  But no glass slides.

Across the street from JoAnn’s craft store is Trader Joe’s… they have organic humus.  Stop #3.  (I forgot to mention that this adventure began with my picking up my husband’s car that was repaired for the 427th time.)

Of course it was over 100 degrees today.  Be still my sweaty heart.  In the steamy car I phoned home, just like ET.  Larisa, my aptly trained teen hopped online and looked up craft stores, hobby stores, teacher stores and phoned many of them looking for glass slides.  A-driving I went.  My favorite teacher store, I discovered today, is gone.  MIA.  It is now a Sears Appliance store.  They will not have glass slides for microscopes.  Larisa sent me to a new teachers store that did in fact have slides, but they were plastic.  Imagine how that would go with the soldering iron! 

Then drive-thru Starbucks appeared out of no where, just in time.  Whew! One tall green tea frappuccino with peppermint and mocha chips, please.  Did I mention that it is over 100?

The kind lady at the teachers store revealed a new location of Hobby Lobby where Mervyn’s used to be across the street from Paradise Vally Mall!!!!   And it’s almost close to home!  It’s been open since OCTOBER and nobody told me!  I’ve been driving twenty miles to Hobby Lobby!  If you knew this information, and you are one of my friends, shame on you.  However, the thrill of the new store did erase some of my internal bitterness.

Hobby Lobby came through again, even though Larisa had called them and they said they did not have glass microscope slides.  They HAD glass microscope slides, although only 20!  So I bought a glass cutter.  We’ll see how that goes.  We are leaving for our California crafting adventure.  Please stay tuned.

3 Responses to “Sweet Success at Store #6!”

  1. Stan and Val Rober Says:

    My head is still spinning.

  2. jmaranatha.com Says:

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  3. Stan and Val Rober Says:

    Oh that hot, hot seat after the car has been sitting in the hot sun for awhile. Val

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