Two Player Bicycle

There is a bicycle-built-for-two at the home we’re vacationing in right now.  It had flat tires when we arrived, but when my boys discovered it they rectified that situation quickly… because they have never ridden such an inviting contraption.  They went on their first ride down a paved path that leads to the beach…. but the path stopped and the sand started more abruptly then they anticipated.  They were being followed by another 11-year-old who witnessed the initial adventure.  And an adventure it was.  There was a group of kids at the park/beach on a day camp trip who also witnessed the initial adventure.

After the bike hit the sand, it slowed considerably, but not quite slow enough to disembark safely.  My strong and brave sons went over a small hill and crashed, face first, into the sand.  Their following friend said he saw them disappear and then there was a large cloud of dust.  Keeve appeared over the hill first, raised his hand and yelled to the wide-eyed kids who witnessed the out-of-control bicycle-built-for-two crash, “We’re OK!”  I wish I could have seen the whole trip down the hill… and to video tape it would have even been better.

When they got home, they still had sand all over their faces and shirts and shorts and arms and legs, but were so full of hilarity as they told us the whole story of their trip and wipe-out on the “Two-Player Bike“… like it’s a Wii game for two players.  The bike is the biggest hit yet!  Who knew?!

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5 Responses to “Two Player Bicycle”

  1. "Dad" Says:

    When are you and Rick going for your ride. It sure sounds like fun. I hope someone gets pictures of you two on it..

  2. Stan and Val Rober Says:

    I tried a similar stunt once as a kid with similar results. The highway dept. had an inviting 5′ to 7′ high mound of sand adjacent to a local road for road sanding use when needed. My aim was to approach at a rate fast enough that I would end up on the top of the pile even though you could not just pedal up there because of the softness of the sand. My high speed approach resulted in my front bicycle wheel digging in to the soft sand and I was catapulted over the top of the pile burying my face in the sand on the far side of the pile.

  3. Stan and Val Rober Says:

    As teens, we only had one bicycle (there were four of us teens) in the family.
    One of my brothers had saved enough money from delivering Liberty Magazines. (I don’t think the magazine is published anymore.) Once in awhile, those without a bicycle had to BRIBE our brother so we could ride his bicycle. Also, there was a bike shop near by where we could rent bikes – we even rented a bike for two. Your post brings back wonderful memories. V.

  4. rixgal Says:

    Great stories! The tandom bike was also used on one of mine and Rick’s first dates in Stanley Park in Vancouver…. circa 1985. :o)

    Rick asked me this morning if we were going to go ride it together. Maybe.

  5. Dad Says:

    Make the ‘maybe’ a reality. We are all watching and waiting to see and hear the results.

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