Another Trick of the Trade!

This is why the women in the olden days had quilting bees!  So they could learn the tricks of the trade from each other.  Remember when I learned about the parchment paper on the cookie sheets?!?  Well, this new fangled device (the white tube in the upper right of the picture) is a pineapple peeler, corer, slicer and dicer.  OK, maybe not a dicer.  My sister whipped it out and had the pineapple cut into spiral rings in about three minutes.  Yes, the skin stays intact and hollowed out!  You simply twist the tube into the top of the pineapple (after the top and bottom are sliced off) and voila!  She bought it at the grocery store next to the pineapples for $10.  Very handy and slick.  Add it to your Christmas list, ladies.

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One Response to “Another Trick of the Trade!”

  1. Stan and Val Rober Says:

    Val says we’re going to look for one of those pineapple cutters real soon.

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