Tomorrow School Starts

The first thing the pupils will be participating in here at L.A.K.E. Academy is Lost and Found.  (Crosby homeschool… LAKE is spelled by the first letters of my kids’ names.)  I hear they have Lost and Found at schools throughout the United States and Canada, so I thought we would try it here too.  It’s more of a participatory activity here…. not like at schools where it’s a last resort event.  We are STARTING with Lost and Found. 

First we’re going to find our school books that were LOST all summer.  Then we’re going to look through them until the place where we last worked is FOUND! This may seem silly and trivial to those who send their children to classrooms where organized teachers work their wonders…. but here at the LAKE, it’s serious business.  Many prayers are sent heavenward by the pupils in hopes that certain books will never be located.  My youngest dislikes math.  My middle dislikes spelling.  My eldest dislikes history.  The teacher dislikes complainers.  It’s the circle of homeschool life.  Round and round we go.

After we finish Lost and Found, we’ll have recess and lunch and recess.  Then we’ll do geography (play Ticket to Ride) and then sociology mixed with economics (play Settlers of Catan) then we’ll have third recess.  We might set up the boys’ binders…. but that’s only if we get to it before fourth recess.  We’ll see.

AND… the kid’s favorite part of the new school year…. the annual photo in front of the schoolhouse house. (That picture was taken in 2005!) Their smiles get more mischievous as the years go on.  This will be YEAR TEN!!!!  I can hardly believe it. 

Let’s roll!

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One Response to “Tomorrow School Starts”

  1. morethananelectrician Says:

    Congratulations on the 10 years!!!!!

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