Happy Thanksgiving, My Fellow Canadians!

We will be spending our Thanksgiving today driving home from a four-day weekend in Northern California.  We came because of a street hockey game and a spur of the moment decision late on Thursday night.  Our eldest son had a youth group trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain over the weekend… also in California.  So we left him in the care of his loving grandparents.   From the decision to the drive-away….. 2 1/2 hours elapsed.  In that time I opened the fridge and found several items that ended up making the trip with us:  marinating chicken, ingredients for Chinese chicken salad, apples and cheese. How in the world did the pioneers survive without ice chests???  They probably didn’t take along their marinating chicken.

The street hockey game was considered “stacked” with my Canadian husband showing up from the next state to help the “over 30” team.  Yes, they smoked the younger guys 12 to 5.  No, Rick didn’t score, but he played a mean defense, which kept the “under 30” score low.

A great time was had by all and we realize this will be our last escape for a very long while, as we should be getting out referral call this week.  Yes, you’ve heard that before, but it’s true this time.  God willing.  :o)


One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving, My Fellow Canadians!”

  1. Stan and Val Rober Says:

    We also enjoyed the Canadian Thanksgiving by sneaking 150 miles north to Abbotsford and sharing a wonderful time and a sumptuous feast with the family gathered at the Crosby home. Now we will look forward to a second Thanksgiving next month with more family and friends.

    P.S. The occasion was dampened just a little bit by the L.A. Kings defeating the Canucks.

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