Today was the DAY!

Yes, we got our referral call today!  Her name is darling and she is beyond beautiful!  And that’s not a biased opinion either.  :o)

So here was my ideal “get-the-referral-call” scenario that I hoped would  happen on THE day:  Gladney would call and tell us that we have a daughter.  We would gather the family around the computer sitting at the kitchen table looking freshly combed and well dressed and pressed. (Facing the sliding glass door, so the lighting would be good.)  The email would come and we would open it… slowly scrolling until we could see our girl.  We would oooh and ahhhh as we saw our darling new girl.. and we would video tape the whole deal so Nora would know the joy on our faces the minute we saw her.

Here’s how it really went down:  We all slept in and were eating a casual breakfast in our pajamas with major bed-head (except Rick, who was leaving shortly for work).  I finished eating first, around 9:00 am and went to the computer to open my email.  Immediately I saw an email from Gladney that said, “CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  So I jumped up and found my cell phone.  Yes, it was our referral call.  Our case worker said she had been waiting for two hours for us to call.  (We are two hours behind them.)  Someone ran upstairs to wake up Austin.  Then we gathered around the computer at the computer desk, so no one could see our faces, or hair, or pajamas… and we opened the email with her picture  and oooohed and ahhhhhed… without any video footage. 

All I have to say is that her situation is exactly what I have prayed for diligently for four years.  God answered this mother’s prayers!  She just turned seven and looks remarkably like my husband.  I can’t wait to post pictures, but that will be quite a few days from now when our acceptance letter arrives in Colombia.

Whooooooooo Hooooooooooo!


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3 Responses to “Today was the DAY!”

  1. Nancy Says:

    It was just a perfect family Kodak moment!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!! Where is she at? Medellin? Closer to the beach? Doesn’t matter, what it does matter is that she is close to being finally home!

  2. rixgal Says:

    Yes, a Kodak moment…. hahaha. We will be in Cali. She is from just outside Cali, but I haven’t found it on the map yet…. YES! Finally home soon!

  3. karen Says:

    I love how “the call” always seems to come when you aren’t quite expecting it. So much for the well rehearsed scenario. :) So excited for your family. Congratulations!!

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