I Gave In!

If you’ve been reading MSJ since June of 2008, you will remember our trip south of the border for my husband’s Mexican tooth.  It has served him well these past two years… while dental prices in Arizona have GONE THROUGH THE ROOF!  Unbelievable.  Yes, I need some dental work: two root canals, one build-up and three crowns.  The price at my tidy little dentist here in suburbia could also buy a car!  I actually cried when they handed me the estimate. 

For goodness sakes!  We are saving every penny for our adoption…. we don’t have thousands and thousands stashed away for new teeth.  And this was WITH dental insurance.  So, I gave in.  It is less than 1/5 of the price to go to Los Algodones to a Mexican endodontist and dentist.  They do all the work in one day now too!  In-n-out!  BAM!  All done.  It’s a three-hour drive and we invited friends to go with us.  A little Mexican vacation.  Our friend is jumping on the Mexican dental bandwagon too. 

My appointment is at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.  God be with me!  Viva Mexico!

Here’s the gate to non-dental pain.  Please bring your passport if you want to return home when the deed is done.  :o)

2 Responses to “I Gave In!”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    I can not believe this. Seriously?

  2. rixgal Says:

    Yes, I’m shocked as well. I think this is the most I have EVER saved Rickey….. probably $6000!!! I’ve had several crowns here in the USA, but I must say, my Mexican ones fit better and look better!!!

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