NOT a Narc Addict…. OK!

Today, I was asked to sign a narcotics form at my doctor’s office…. promising that I would not call the doctor after hours and beg for refills, or pester the pharmacist for early refills, or ever say that my drugs were lost/stolen/eaten by the dog, or ever hoard my drugs.  They asked for my pharmacy name and made me sign my name on a line that said this is the SOLE pharmacy that I would get my drugs at.  I think I’m being profiled as a middle class, white, female prescription drug addict.

It was probably not a good move on my part to show up at the doctor’s office without makeup and with bed head….. in hindsight, I understand her shifty eyes and concern.  She’s never seen me without makeup or jewelry.  I guess I might have looked like a junkie… begging for pain meds.

She would not give me any vicodin.  I understand that….. I just finished telling her that I had taken my last vicodin pill.  So she switched me to another narcotic that is less powerful, but not less addicting.  Like I’m addicted!  I took 15 pills over a period of a month for dental pain.  That’s half a pill a day, not what I would call addicted.  And I took eight of them the first week!  So that left me seven pills for three weeks! 

Needless to say, I felt somewhat humbled today.  I called my dear husband and told him I had to sign up for Narcs Anonymous today.  He scared me by asking if the sheet said they send a copy to the police!?!  Um, no, it didn’t mention law enforcement.  And yes, I read the whole thing!  Every word, because I found it amusing that I was required to sign it.  It also taught me interesting facts about addictive behaviors… I never thought of some of those ideas before today!  My dog ate the pills!  Pffft!  The dog would be in a coma for weeks!  And the pills smell and taste horrible… I don’t think our picky dog would even be tempted!

After the doctor I went to Target at 2:00 pm to fill the script for the six pills to get me through two more days of dental pain.  Guess what?  They take their lunch at 2:00 pm.  So my new drugs would not be ready for an hour.  I needed a nap!  So I went home without my new pills that the doctor is hoping I’m not addicted to.  I never went back and got them.  See!  I’m not addicted, …. OK!?

I understand hoarding scrapbooking supplies and fabric… but not outdated prescription drugs.  Good grief.

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2 Responses to “NOT a Narc Addict…. OK!”

  1. Jennie C. Says:

    Does this mean it’s not going well?

  2. rixgal Says:

    No, it was just the first two post-root canal days. I’m fine now. :o) And I never did pick up the pills!

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