School Spirit!

Another quality childhood vandalism story for you today!  I was in the third grade and I attended a Live Oak High School, in Morgan Hill, California, in their program called Kiene Schul, or some such German spelling.  The marching band, the cheerleaders and the pep rallies made a BIG impact on me as an 8-year-old with starry eyes.  I loved the team spirit.  I loved the common bond. I loved everyone in matchy matchy colors of gold and dark green!

Imagine my excitement one afternoon in our family garage when I found spray paint cans in the gold and green colors of Live Oak!?!  My creativity was bursting at the seams.  I felt compelled to decorate something to show my patriotism and school pride.  Venturing out to the backyard with a can in each hand, I looked around for a blank canvass to express my creative genius.  It was as if destiny guided me….. the ENTIRE backyard was surrounded by a newly constructed fence with virgin boards calling my name.  Heaven.

Several moments passed before my design was settled in my brain… and then I began, slowly and methodically…. one spray dot per fence plank… alternating colors… gold…. green…. gold…. green.   Yes, I did the entire fence! 

Imagine my parent’s joy when they discovered my artistic masterpiece…. and in the school colors!

My summer was spent with sandpaper in hand…. several pieces of sand paper…. singlehandedly……. as I sanded every blinkin’ board with the stupid dots on them.  At that time I had not read Tom Sawyer, much to my later disappointment.

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