Keeve is Twelve!!

Yesterday was the 12th birthday of my youngest son, Keeve. Can it really be twelve long years since his chubby little self appeared in our lives? Keeve was our “bless-ed” surprise child. Not that we didn’t want more children, but we were living in a squishy apartment with a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old, and a vast assortment of large plastic toys and furniture. We had one car, and it only had four seatbelts. We didn’t have health insurance. We still had one kid in diapers… and he was sleeping in the only crib we owned. My husband was working in a sales job on commission…. In my mind I was NOT ready for another child.

It was gestational week 12 by the time I found out that I was indeed with child. I had taken tests at home and at the doctor’s office that were all negative…. LIES! (Just like the eagle’s eggs from Nacho Libre!)

Rick arrived home from work and found me sitting on the couch crying while watching Reading Rainbow. The show was about adoption and they were showing “Gotchya Days.” I was a blubbering mess. He took one look at me and said, “You need to take another pregnancy test.” I did… and there was a pink cross. Then I cried for three days to my sister, who was also a “bless-ed” surprise.

Rick got a flying job when I was seven months along…. With insurance. We moved into a four bedroom home when I was eight months along. We got a car with SIX seatbelts when I was nine months along. Austin was moved into a big-boy-bed the week before Keeve was born. It all worked out! Just like God knew it would.

Of course, God’s timing is perfect. Our boys are two years apart and have been cohorts in crime and frivolity for 12 years now. Their schemes rate right up there with the Little Rascals and the Three Stooges. And Keeve is sarcastic… where in the blazes did that come from?

Happy Birthday, to our Keeve! We love you and are so proud of you!

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